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Something Different – A Sun Stripe and Two Ibis

It didn’t surprise me to see the sky covered with cloud this morning. I’d woken up a couple of times during the night feeling hot, and it had been cold when I went to bed. The cloud cover holds in the humidity every time.

At first I thought Mount Warning would look drab and grey all day, until a colour caught my eye at around 6:45 am – orange. Just one strip of sunlight shone along the base of the mountain, which seemed odd considering the sun always hits the top of the mountain first.

I took photos, then asked my husband if he had an explanation for the unusual phenomena. He said the sun’s rays would have been peeking through a tiny horizontal slither in the clouds, so the top of the mountain remained in the shadows.

How unusual it looked! The sunny stripe only lasted for a couple of minutes, then it was gone.

My Big Man Bowie seemed awfully interested in something outside today too. While I sat on my sofa, reading for uni, Bowie jumped up over me to get to the window in a hurry. I wasn’t overly concerned, I imagined he’d heard a bird in the bird-bath just outside the window.

When Bowie turned and looked at me though, I thought I’d better investigate. He doesn’t usually look that amazed by a simple bird!

It’s not the best photo, taken through the window and flyscreen, but here are the culprits – two Ibis in the front yard!

These birds are the Australian White Ibis, otherwise known locally as “Bin Chickens” due to their scavenging ways. They’d each make two of Bowie, and he’s a large cat too.

No wonder poor Bowie looked so stunned! 😉

8 thoughts on “Something Different – A Sun Stripe and Two Ibis

  1. The expression on Bowie’s face is priceless! Cats are so on top of things going on in their domains. 🙂 The ibises must have been very interesting callers to him. The sun stripe does look very unusual. Never a dull moment with mother nature.

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