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Day and Night

There was nothing to wax lyrical over when I looked out at the valley yesterday morning. Yes, this photo was taken yesterday, I missed adding my daily post.

My sister called last night, just as I was about to go to my computer and add my Thursday mountain photos. So we talked. And talked, and talked, and talked some more. My sister lives about six hour’s drive south from here, so we don’t see each other as often as we would like, hence the long conversation. I went to bed at 1am, but time spent with my sister is always a priority. I adore her. ❤

Anyway, as the view across the valley looked pretty average (by valley standards!) I took a photo showing the broad view of the area in my garden where I can see the valley and Mount Warning the best. The palm trees are in our garden, the rest of the greenery is next door. The house next door is up to its fifth ownership since the house was built twenty-six years ago, and just like all the previous  owners before the latest – and the ones before, and the ones before – these people are planting large trees that block the view, when low-growing, or well maintained trees, can be just as beautiful. I have often wondered why anyone would do such a thing, but there you have it.

Standing in the same position around nightfall, I took another photo of the same scene. Isn’t the sky pretty? 🙂

Today we have rain, so I’ll have to keep looking out for a glimpse of the mountain. Currently it’s hidden behind clouds and mist. I have some lovely garden photos I took yesterday though, so later today I will add today’s mountain view, however bleak it may look, plus photos from my sunny front garden, taken before the rain arrived.

4 thoughts on “Day and Night

  1. Talking on the phone with a sister ~ you reminded me of the days when my sister lived in New Mexico, over 2,000 miles away. I dropped everything when those phone calls came! We have battles over trees here in our condo complex. Some of us love them and others think they obstruct views. It never ends!

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    1. That’s exactly what I do when my sister calls, I drop everything to talk to her! We text too, so we keep in touch regularly, but hearing her voice is better. 🙂
      Isn’t it strange that something as beautiful as trees can create so many problems? I love trees, and we have planted many trees in our garden. The thing is, we choose trees that are not invasive and won’t obstruct any neighbour’s view, or we keep the trees pruned if we think they will. Unfortunately not all people consider their neighbours. As you say, it never ends!

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      1. I wonder what it would be like to text with my sister. There were no smart phones in the 1990s when she lived so far away. And we’ve been trying for years to get her to buy a smart phone but she’s set in her ways so I still look forward to those phone calls. She was living with us part time (she teaches at a nearby college) until the pandemic came. I miss her! 🙂

        Sometimes I’m sorry we bought a condo. Our neighbor complains about us feeding the birds and we can’t stand his cigar smoke wafting in through the windows… But it seems like people tend to have trouble with neighbors no matter how much space is between them!


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