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Skies Afire

Mount Warning reappeared today from beneath yesterday’s smoky, dusty haze. The mountain and ranges looked beautifully clear all day but I decided to wait until sunset before taking my camera outside as the weather turned cold this afternoon. I’ve noticed that a sudden cold snap is often a prediction for a beautiful sunset, and I had a hunch that today could be one of those memorable sky days.

So out I went with my camera just after 5:30 pm. Nothing. Oh, the sky had a pretty pastel sunset tinge of colour over the mountain, but this wasn’t the magnificence sky-show I had expected.

And then I turned around …

Towards the north-western skies, stripes of clouds were lit up by the sunset glow. The sky looked magnificent!

I’m sure I will never understand how weather patterns work, it’s all too technical a process for my simple brain. I am just happy to enjoy the magic – no questions asked – and to follow my hunches when I feel something brewing in the weather.Ā  šŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Skies Afire

  1. Oh wow! How beautiful! Mother Nature sure does love a good surprise now and then. I’ve noticed that happening here sometimes, the sky opposite the sunset having all the vivid colors. I don’t understand it, either. šŸ™‚

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