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Introducing …

This afternoon I met my two-day-old baby grandson, Eli.

I couldn’t mention his arrival before as the proud parents needed time to catch their breaths and recover from Eli’s birth before making their announcement.

Now I can tell the world about this incredibly gorgeous little man who has captured all of our hearts with his sweet little face, bright eyes, and tiny cooing sounds. He’s adorable! We are all so very blessed to have Eli choose our family to be a part of. ❤

There’s nothing in the world that could take the spotlight off Eli today! So it was actually serendipitous that Mount Warning has spent most of the day hiding behind a combination of smoke from a nearby fire and dust stirred up by gusting winds. I took a photo anyway …

… but if there’s one photo I could add today that may just overshadow the photo of my first meeting with Eli, it’s one of Eli meeting his cousin, my beautiful granddaughter Aurora! ❤


11 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. Welcome to the world, sweet little Eli! Beautiful pictures, Joanne. Love the way Aurora is looking at her new cousin. There’s no joy comparable to holding a newborn baby. Grandchildren are a precious blessing!

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