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Visitors to the garden

Today the weather was fine and sunny as far as I could tell. I spent most of the day indoors, at my desk, working on a uni assignment again. There were a few different birds in the garden when I went outside for a break, so I will let the photos do the talking today as I need to rest my tired eyes and mind. xx

Australasian Figbird (Female)


Topknot Pigeon


Noisy Miner


A Friendly Kookaburra

8 thoughts on “Visitors to the garden

    1. Thank you Barbara. 😊
      I never know when I’m taking photos just how they will look on the computer, and sometimes I’m amazed myself! I’m sure it has something very technical to do with catching just the right light, but it just the luck of the draw with me!


        1. Oh yes, and having the photo instantly instead of waiting for days for the film to be developed! There’s a lot of advantages to modern technology. 🙂


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