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A Day in the Garden

The valley looked a tad hazy today. I’m not sure why, but it just wasn’t as clear as usual.

Husband and I spent the day in the garden, weeding and mulching garden beds mostly. When we stopped for lunch, we ate on the front veranda and a Noisy Miner also stopped for lunch in the grevillea tree.

After lunch I checked on the bottle brush tree and a few young blooms are appearing. There are also stems that haven’t opened yet, but it’s looking pretty good considering it is still winter.

We have had this orchid in the garden for a few years now. I think my husband rescued it from a throw-out pile somewhere, and even though we don’t give it any special attention it always seems to be in flower.

This is also a flowering orchid – so husband tells me! We brought home heaps of potted orchids from around my inlaw’s garden when we tidied up the house for sale and for want of somewhere to put them, I shoved them on the ground under our large pine cone tree in our front garden. Now this orchid has flowered, yet I hardly even water them! I’m sure orchids must thrive on neglect.

It was just after 6pm when we came back into the house and the sky, just after sunset, looked pretty enough to take a photo.

While husband made dinner, I caught up on a bit more uni work, then we watched the James Bond movie Dr No. I have just finished reading the book for one of my uni units and seeing as I quite enjoyed the book, I thought I’d like to see the movie too. It was so different to the book though! It was well worth watching to see a rather gorgeous Sean Connery as Bond though. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Day in the Garden

    1. This morning I’ve been reading excerpts from the book To my husband so he understands how different the book is! I agree, Bond is far more complex a character than the movie portrays him.


    1. They are quite amazing plants that I know very little about. I’m surprised at how diverse the different flowers are though and it will be interesting to see what flowers next.

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    1. Noisy Miners are cute little characters. As the name suggests they are noisy, but I have learned over the years that they will always warn you when something they see as being dangerous is about, such as a cat, or even a snake!


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