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Blue clouds – and fledglings!

The light this afternoon made the clouds glow and defined every crevice in the mountain and ranges. I’m loving the blue and white clouds we’ve had over the past couple of days too. There’s no rain about – and the ground is in need of a major soaking – so it seems the clouds are simply there for ornamental purposes. They are very lovely ornaments, I must say. 🙂

Mount Warning is living up to her indigenous name of “cloud catcher” too.

This morning there seemed to be several Noisy Miner birds in our back garden, causing a bit of a hullabaloo, so I went outside to investigate. Sitting on my clothesline, all cuddled up together, I discovered three gorgeous, fluffy, baby miners. They didn’t seem to mind me going right up close to them to take a photo either, so perhaps the adults, in whatever way they communicate, let the babies know they were in a safe garden. I still see the baby magpie in the tall gum tree out the front, but so far it hasn’t ventured into the back garden. I’m assuming it just isn’t old enough, or strong enough, to fly too far yet.