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Storm Warning on Hallowe’en

Today I am getting in early with my post. There’s a storm warning in my area, with strong winds, hail, and possible power outages. The valley, as the picture shows, is cloudy and hazy. There’s also a strong, warm, notherly wind blowing, so we have the front of the house closed to the heat.

Meanwhile, it’s Hallowe’en! I’m not sure if Covid will have any affect on the number or trick-or-treaters about, but I have bags of individually wrapped chocolate treats prepared.

In years gone by when my children were living at home, they used to get into the spirit of the day. I wrote a post in 2014, showing Emma having her makeup done by Hayley. Here’s one photo, and more photos can be found in the post, Lady of the Dead.

Happy Hallowe’en!