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It was a dark and stormy night …

Well, it is dark and stormy now, a complete contrast to the brightness of the valley this morning. Even though there were a few showers of rain about, the rain did not deminish the brilliance of the valley, mountain and sky colours.

The little Pee Wee bird who recently found my bird bath at the side of the house ventured around to the back of the house in time for breakfast this morning for the first time. Most of the regular gang had eaten and gone, leaving just a few scraps on the feeding table, which seemed to keep this little guy happy.

Today has been dreadfully humid. I spent most of the day with my daughter and her baby boy, Eli. Eli is the most kissable little man, and I would have loved to have held him all day if cuddling him hadn’t made us both feel even hotter.

Quite loud thunder has been rolling and rumbling around us for the last couple of hours, but so far we haven’t had any rain. The severe storm warning issued this afternoon may be relevent to other areas around us, but we haven’t seen a spot of rain. It did go dark earlier than usual though, hence the clichΓ© title of tonight’s post. πŸ˜‰

And once again, the daylight hours ended with a touch of drama in the sunset sky over Mount Warning. ❀

16 thoughts on “It was a dark and stormy night …

  1. Hot and humid days seem so far away right now to me. It is frosty cold out there this morning. I am quite envious of your C-19-free status and ability to enjoy family visits… may we have the same in time. We’re a mess over here!

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    1. Oh I do hope you can have the same status soon, Eliza. In many ways it’s a relief knowing we haven’t had any new cases in Australia recently, but we also know an outbreak can reoccur at any time. It’s best to stay diligently aware of the risks, regardless. 😦

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    1. Hot and humid is not my thing either, Frank. I grew up in a cool mountainous zone, which is the climate I prefer. Taking photos of “our” mountain every day reminds me that living in a climate that I don’t always enjoy does have its advantages. My family all live in this area as well, so that’s the biggest drawcard. πŸ™‚


    1. I had to come back and ask, do I remember you visiting northern NSW a while ago, Julie? I have a memory that I can’t quite grasp, but I wondered if you may have seen Mount Warning from the other side, which is a completely different view than the one I have from home.

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