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Saturday Afternoon in the Garden

After a dull weather morning, the light in the garden this afternoon had a magical quality that I couldn’t resist. Everywhere I looked, the birds, trees, flowers, valley, sky, just everything begged to have its photo taken. In all, I took eighty photos. Here are just a few …

A different view of the mountain, framed by surrounding trees.


First red frangipani.

I may have mentioned before that I have rather a lot of potted plants now, brought home from my inlaw’s garden after they both went into aged care last year. Some of the potted frangipani trees are so young that they didn’t flower last summer, so I have been waiting with bated breath to find out what colours I have. When I watered the pots this morning there were no flowers, but by this afternoon, one red flower had appeared!

Pink Allamanda.


Mature Farngipani.

My mature frangipani tree, which has been growing near the pool for several years, is now well covered in bunches of gorgeous blooms. Here is just half of the tree –

A well established frangipani tree is a beautiful addition to a subtropical garden, which is why I am looking forward to planting some of the small potted frangipani next winter. Hopefully by then I will know what colour the flowers will be on all of the trees which will help me to decide where to plant them in my garden.

Naughty Forrest!

Forrest took complete advantage of my lack of attention to her, taking the opportunity to chew up one of her toys while Bronte watched … look at that innocent face – butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth – right? πŸ˜‰

Drama in the sunset sky.


15 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon in the Garden

    1. There is beauty everywhere, Kathy. All we need do is open our eyes and hearts to it. I find the need to focus on the positive has intensified recently, and the more I look, the more beautiful things I find to photograph. πŸ™‚


    1. It really was lovely. Sometimes you simply can’t define the magic accurately enough with words, it’s there, you know it, and have to pause to enjoy the moment. This was one of those afternoons. ❀


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