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A Family Celebration

With my next grandson due to be born in May, today family and friends went to my daughter’s home where her baby shower was held.

‘Twas yet another day of mist and rain, although it only sprinkled for most of the afternoon.

Soon-to-be a big sister, Aurora, had a great time playing with her cousins and friends, (and sampling yummy treats!)

As for me, I had the opportunity to spend some time with my youngest – for now – grandson. ❀

So no mountain photo today, basically because I didn’t sight the mountain. The mist and low cloud has been thicker than usual lately and it’s becoming a rare event to see the mountain at all.

Further south along the coast of New South Wales, torrential rain has forced several communities to evacuate. My sister sent me a photo this morning of a field across the road from her home, which usually has cows happily munching on green grass roaming around. Today, the field is so flooded that it looks like she is living on waterfront property. She said she’s seen the water this high before, so isn’t concerned. A sight she hadn’t seen before, however, was a house floating through the “cow field” which had been uprooted from its foundations! A very sad situation it was for the poor owner of the house.

10 thoughts on “A Family Celebration

    1. It might have been my niece’s video, Nicki. She saw the house floating and caught it on film. Last night, we saw the video she had shared on Facebook on the news, with her name as a credit.


  1. I heard about the flooding on the news. Hope your sister and her home are safe.

    Your daughter’s shower looked fun, Aurora’s dress was very elegant! I’m rather envious of your ability to gather. Maybe by July, we’ll be able to do the same, I hope.

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    1. We had a lovely afternoon, Eliza. πŸ™‚
      Life is so “normal” here in Australia, we are so very fortunate. I look forward to the day when I hear you can safely socialise as well. ❀

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  2. So wonderful to have so many grandchildren around you, Joanne! Aurora looks so sweet. I’m envious of your ability to gather, too. We’re hoping to see our little ones in May, after we’re all (except the children) fully vaccinated…

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