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Golden Rain Pods

The weather may have broken a record for this month – we have had two sunny days in a row!

Walking up the driveway to the letterbox yesterday was just a tad slippery after The Great Wet, but today it had dried out somewhat. I took the photo of Mount Warning late this afternoon from the top of the driveway, and just look at the sky – not a cloud in sight. 🙂

The leaves and pods on the golden rain tree that I photographed from afar during the rain on Tuesday looked much more flighty, blowing in the breeze now the tree is drier, so I picked a single pod off the tree to photograph in more detail.

Singular pods are three-sided, with each double-layered side encasing seeds. Close up, you can see detailed veins on the pod case. The pods are quite sturdy, and it didn’t break open easily.

When I did break the pod open, this is what I found inside. These raw green seeds will dry out over the next week or two, fall to the ground, and if the seeds find the right spot in the soil to start growing, a new tree will shoot up.

Considering I don’t want my front garden to be overrun by golden rain trees, I will be busy pulling tiny trees out over the next month or two as they appear.

5 thoughts on “Golden Rain Pods

  1. It is a very pretty tree, but I know how it is with saplings getting rooted quicker than you can weed them out. I had that problem in my old garden with sycamores!


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