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Three Jazzie Tibouchinas

More rain is predicted for tomorrow, so when the day began to cloud over again this afternoon, I dashed out with my camera to take a few photos before the predicted deluge begins.

Around the garden, the tibouchina plants look very lovely. I realised today that I have three different varieties of tibouchina growing, now if only I knew their specific names I could share that information as well!

The white flowered tibouchina, above, is a low growing shrub. It’s growing in a pot, and this autumn it seems to be growing much faster, and flowering more profusely, than the past two years.

I seem to remember when I bought the tibouchina above, which is another low growing shrub, the label told me it is a native tibouchina. I’m not sure where it’s native to though, as tibouchina plants are not native to Australia! They do thrive in our climate though.

My purple flowering tibouchina is a small tree, situated just outside my front door. The tree is constantly flowering, but there are always more flowers during autumn than the other seasons. When I looked up the name for purple tibouchias there were several varieties which all looked the same to me. One purple tibouchina was called “Jazzy,” and just because I think tibouchina flowers are very jazzy, that’s what I will call my tree, unless I learn that it’s called something else. 😉

10 thoughts on “Three Jazzie Tibouchinas

  1. A Tibouchina is not a plant that I’m familiar with, having never lived where they thrive apparently, so I’m of no assistance whatsoever. I can say only that they are quite lovely, and I’m sure Jazzy welcomes everyone that comes to your front door with great cheer. Here, we are in the spring of our year, and newly planted things are beginning to pop through the soil, much to my delight. I am a huge fan of plants popping up and showing their stuff!

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    1. I believe they are a warmer climate plant, Carol, so they wouldn’t enjoy your snow at all. Have you been doing some gardening? It must be a beautiful sight to see greenery popping up through the soil after your snowy winters. 💕

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      1. Yes, we have been gardening. My daughter has several raised vegetable beds and I’m working on some shrub/flower beds. They bought this house new so the yard was a clean slate.

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