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Something Beautiful

When you do something beautiful and nobody notices, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle, and yet most of the audience still sleeps. ~~ John Lennon

When the early morning sun put on a beautiful specticle today, someone noticed. Luckily for me, I was awake to see the gentle, muted colours caught in interesting cloud patterns across the sky over Mount Warning.

Once, rising at 6:00 am seemed horrendous, yet now I look forward to seeing the changes in the sky, clouds and light as the earth awakens.

Lately, with all the rain and blustery weather we have had, there have been several mornings when the mountain hasn’t been visible at all, so I really appreciate the fine-weather mornings. The current La Niña weather pattern has sent parts of my garden into a tizz, with all the small green mango fruit blowing off the tree before it had a chance to mature, and we hardly have any frangipani flowers left. Only those flowers hidden among the leaves on the safer, northern side of the tree have survived.

Surprisingly, our hibiscus hedge is doing very well this year. We only bought one plant back in the days when we were establishing our new garden, and from that one plant, a creamy-peach colour, we grew more from cuttings. When a neighbour pruned their pink hibiscus, they were happy for us to take a few cuttings to strike for our garden, so our colour scheme was decided upon.

Some years, the excessive humidity and lack of rain bothers the hibiscus and we see few flowers. This year, the plants seem to be flourishing with the extra rain and we have a beautiful array of flowers.

Seeing the changes in the weather, which affects everything – the sky, the view, and especially the plants in the garden is what I enjoy most about spending time outdoors. In the garden, from season to season, you just never know which flowers and plants will be the star performers. And during summer, in the early morning, while much of the world still sleeps, it is the best time of day to spend time with nature. 🙂

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On a hot summer’s day.

It really felt like summer weather today.

I awoke to a bright sunny day and a clear mountain, so took my first photo at 7:12am. You never know how long the mountain will remain clear on a subtropical summer’s day.

By 11:18am the valley was at its magical best. No clouds hampered the clarity of Mount Warning or the ranges, so it was time to take another photo.

While we were eating lunch, my husband noticed a change in the weather, so checked the Bureau of Meterology website. He discovered that there were three storms heading our way, although he thought that perhaps we would only feel the tail-end effects of the combined storms.

Thunder rolled in the distance, light rain began to fall, and within half an hour the ‘storm’ was over. All that remained was the intensity of summer humidity, leaving the air so heavy you felt you could reach out and touch it. The heat this afternoon was the kind that makes me dread summer, every year. I loathe breathing in hot air and feeling as if there are a thousand spiders crawling across my skin!

The striking changes in the valley after the storm had passed soon took my mind off the heat. I took the photo above at 6:00pm. The mono tone is the actual colour of the valley at that time. The next photo shows the changes in the valley and the sky just half an hour later …

The swirl of misty clouds in the valley were replaced by a brilliant sunlit sky.

Beyond the yellow and orange, a patch of blue and cloudy sky continued down to the horizon.

This is how I cope with summer! Summer is the only season when the weather can change the appearance of the mountain and valley so drastically.

What an absolute blessing of contrasts nature provides. ❤

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Patchy Blue Sky Amid Patchy Rain

Between the unexpected rain showers we are having each day, occasionally we will see patches of blue sky. I will have to get used to this strange weather we are having. It is apparently due to the current La Niña weather pattern, which is far too complex for my un-scientific brain to understand, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Today, once again, I hardly saw Mount Warning. There were some interesting cloud pattern and colours though, and even a few patches of blue sky, so I took a few photos while the mountain wasn’t completely hidden.

Twenty minutes later, this was the resulting change the sunset made …

Who would think that during just twenty minutes, there would be so much difference to the sky? 😮


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Well, I did wish for rain …

They do say “be careful what you wish for,” don’t they? Whoever “they” are, they could be onto something. After quite a lengthy dry spell, and a couple of days of drizzle, tonight we have torrential rain.

I can hear the TV cutting in and out in another room, as the heavy rainfall messes with transmission. I think I’d better type fast, just in case we lose power.

The rain didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the usual morning breakfast crew, who all arrived bright and early asking for a morsel of food. The kookaburras looked like they were all having a bad-hair day, while the others, baby Magpie, the Pee Wee, and my little Butcher Bird, Hoppy, with the gammy leg, all appeared wet, but quite composed.

The valley looked quite magnificent this morning, with crisp green fields, and patches of white cloud dotted across the brilliant blueness of Mount Warning. It looked so gorgeous that I thought I’d take a walk down to the back boundary to get a photo of the uninterrupted view.

I even got as far as pulling on my gum boots and going outside. A sprinkle of rain won’t hurt me, I thought. I had only walked a few steps past the edge of the veranda though when a heavy downpour sent me scurrying back to shelter. And would you believe the maximum temperature today reached 20°C? I spent the day wearing jeans and a jumper ~ in December!

The white on blue looked so good today, I just had to zoom in on the mountain, even though I had to take the photo standing close to the house.

Maybe tomorrow the rain will ease up a touch, even if its just long enough to take a broad view photo of the valley for Silent Sunday. 🙂

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Another (Different) Sunset

During our recent hot, humid, hazy weather, I have noticed that the best time of day to take photos of the valley is either first thing in the morning – before the valley begins to look hazy – or later in the day – after the haze has been burnt off and replaced by a sunset. Caught up as I am in the mornings though, feeding both my domestic menagerie and the local birds, (oh, and myself!) I tend to forget to take photos of the mountain in the morning. When the camera is out, it’s to take photos of my feathered visitors, such as this friendly kookaburra, sitting right beside my window.

Hmm, I wonder if that stare is a method of emotional blackmail for more food? 😉

Tonight, although it is yet another sunset photo, at least it’s a differently coloured sunset than last night. And I will try to remember to take a morning photo tomorrow. 🙂