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23rd November.

For Samuel

“So many adventures couldn’t happen today,
So many songs we forgot to play
So many dreams swinging out of the blue
We’ll let them come true….” ~ Forever Young

Late yesterday afternoon, sitting at my sewing machine, listening to the voices of my family as they prepared dinner while I worked, a strong scent wafted beside my left-hand side. Knowing from past experience that these unexpected scents are the visit of a passed loved one, I casually and subconsciously pondered who it might be….Mum?….Dad?….my sister, Anne?…..my grandmother?….

No, this sweet fragrance didn’t relate to any of them, a thought which startled me into consciousness. Who was this? I called Adam into the room ~ he could smell it too, talcum powder, baby’s talcum powder. Adam smiled, and told Mary….


Adam and Mary had discussed the ceremony with our dear friend, Therese, their marriage celebrant. They wanted Samuel to be a part of the day his parents married, to be included, and remembered. It had been decided that Therese would mention him briefly before the ceremony began….


In a serious moment, one which we thought we were all prepared for, Therese spoke of the loss of baby Samuel. He was with his parents on this day, in spirit.

Mary sobbed, tears rolled down Adam’s face. The bridesmaids carefully dabbed the corners of their eyes, so as not to ruin their carefully applied makeup. I thanked The Universe for reminding me to buy a water-proof mascara. One of the groomsmen wished he was still wearing his sunglasses.


There was hardly a dry eye among the guests, and we wouldn’t have wished for the beginning of the ceremony to be any other way.


Adam and Mary have so much to thank Samuel for. He taught them the meaning of true love, the bond of his parents is stronger for having had him in their lives, even for such a short time. They are grateful for having known him and he will live in the hearts of all who loved him, as well as his future siblings, forever.

Today, November 23rd, is his due date, but our tiny Sleeping Angel came early, born sleeping ~ Forever Young.


Bless Therese, she continued the ceremony, lightened the mood, and Mary’s cousin’s boys proudly offered beautiful readings…..


There was a shift in emotions, the focus now on Adam and Mary. Tears of sadness became tears of joy. From where I sat, I could see Mary’s face clearly. The way these two young people looked at each other spoke volumes. I have often seen this look pass between the two of them, it speaks of love, devotion, strength, admiration….


Lost in the moment, I wished I could capture that look forever, and thankfully I remembered my forgotten camera, nestled upon my lap. I zoomed in on Mary’s face, on that look, the look that every mother who loves her son wishes to see on his bride’s face….

I will show this photo of Mary to their children. I will tell them of the magical moment as I took the photo, when Mary’s great-grandmother leaned forward from her seat behind me and whispered, “Your son is amazing”, to which I replied, “I was just thinking the same of Mary”.


The beautiful ceremony, the words exchanged between the bride and groom, the laughter and tears, exchanging of rings, looks of love….it all passed by so quickly.


I wanted to show you Mary’s necklace, a thoughtful and meaningful addition for the day. My daughter, Emma, gave Mary an angel’s wing necklace the day after Samuel was born. Mary added her own touch to the necklace, a silver vial of some of Samuel’s ashes. Adam wore a small vial also, along with a pair of specially engraved cuff-links, “Samuel Christopher 08/08/2015”.

Our Little Angel was very much a part of the day.


Sealed with a kiss…..


But wait! Next they had to do their special hand-shake thingie!


And then it was time for the legalities….but the bond that Adam and Mary share is stronger than any man-made law could ever be.


An official commitment before friends and family, a love that will last forever. ❤


So, Therese continued to speak…..did they hear a word she said at this point? I think not….


Amid a chorus of claps and cheers, smiles and bubbles, the ceremony came to an end, as their lives as Mr and Mrs began.


Next, Sally the photographer whisked the wedding party away for more photos, at Kingscliff Beach, but I did manage to take a quick photo of Adam and Mary in the car first.

Most of today’s photos were taken by Sally. I wanted to be wholeheartedly in every moment throughout the entire ceremony, and capture just a couple of special events. Besides the next two photos, I took the first photo of the butterfly, Mary wanted butterflies to decorate the wedding, in memory of Samuel. I also took the close-up photo of  Mary, to capture the look of love in her eyes, and I also took the one as Adam slid the ring onto Mary’s finger….

Mr & Mrs
Mr & Mrs

…..the wedding rings came to into the ceremony carried on a small pillow, which was covered by a small babies blanket, the blanket in which Samuel was wrapped, after his birth.

Samuel's Blanket
Samuel’s Blanket

Remembering Samuel today, thinking of what might have been, mind-blown by the lessons his short life gave and grateful for the love that envelops our family. ❤




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A Floral Extravaganza


For her wedding, Mary chose two beautiful flowers, baby’s breath and roses (we were too late in the season for peonies,) in a gorgeous peach shade, to match her bridesmaid’s dresses. To pretty up the rooms inside of the house, we ordered several bunches of matching flowers, in both long and short stems, so once the flowers that had decorated the marquees were brought inside and placed in various vases around the house, my home has been transformed into an exquisite floral paradise.

button hole roses

The two single roses in the foreground, above, were saved from a couple of men’s jackets, which were discarded once the ceremony formalities were over and the party had begun.

corsage 5

I, however, placed my beautiful corsage in a small vase on the table at the reception. These flowers are so pretty, I want to savour their beauty for as long as possible.

fishbowl flowers

Each table at the wedding reception had a lovely display of baby’s breath and roses inside a fishbowl……

roses & doiley

….which, when brought inside the house the next day, look just as stunning in a tiny vase on one of my coffee tables.

lotsa flowers

I really love to see several vases placed together on a table, in a mass display of white, cream and peach colourings, and isn’t the wedding candle just beautiful? I’ll tell you more about the candle shortly. Right now, it’s all about the flowers!

corsage & candle 2

Here’s my corsage again, looking lovely amid the peach roses. I must find out what type of flowers are in my corsage, as I’d really love to have these in my garden.


I’m quite sure that the flowers toward the centre and left of the photo above are called phlox. They have such delicate white petals and looked so pretty in small vases next to the vanity basin in the bathroom.

candle 2 (2)

Here’s the candle again, beside a floral display of whites and greens, which were a part of the decorations on the arbour, beneath which Adam and Mary exchanged their wedding vows.


Aren’t the roses stunning? I have vases of roses everywhere, and have decided that you can never have too many roses in the house. 🙂

white flowers

The “ball” of baby’s breath (also known as gypsophilia) to the right of the candle, is one of the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Mary’s bouquet also contained roses, and she wore a simple baby’s breath headpiece in her hair. I’ll show you how beautiful she looked in a day or two.

corsage & roses

Here is another photo of all the shades of white, cream and peach together. I think I missed my calling in life, I should have been a florist! How I love these flowers. ❤

candle & base

And now to the story of the candle, a gift from our wonderful friend, Therese, who also happens to be a Marriage Celebrant, has known Adam all of his life, and officiated at the ceremony on Saturday. The candle represents new beginnings, and Therese has asked Adam and Mary to light the candle each year, on their Wedding Anniversary, to welcome another year of their married life together. And can you see the tiny glass bead in the base of the candle, with the letter “S” on it?


Here’s a closer look. Therese added the S for Samuel, Adam and Mary’s precious baby boy, stillborn just a month ago. The wedding ceremony began with mention of baby Sam, at which point several members of the wedding party, including the men, (and Mary’s mum and myself) became quite choked up with tears in our eyes, which were carefully dabbed away so as not to ruin our makeup. My precious little grandson will always be remembered.

arbour flowers

Next time, I will share a few photos of the wedding ceremony, in which you will see the arbour in all of its glory, but for now I hope you enjoy seeing a closeup of the crowning glory of the display, resting beautifully now upon my dinner table.


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Two Weeks, and Counting!

two kookies

After the intense emotion of the day yesterday, a glass of white wine after dinner sent me into a deep sleep last night. I had a dream, I was at the chapel of the crematorium, the service was for my grandson, tears, sobbing, my parents graves in the surrounding gardens, sadness weighed heavy on me….

Immediately upon awakening, my thought was “thank goodness that was just a dream”, then the stark realisation that I had been reliving the events of the day.

Adam and Mary seemed lighter in spirit today. My daughter Emma, Mary and I went out shopping for a while and bought a few decorations for the wedding….

Two weeks today! On this day, Saturday, two weeks from now, it is Adam and Mary’s wedding day! We have a celebration to look forward to, planning will replace our thoughts of sadness.

While the girls shopped today, the boys worked in the garden. At the back of our house, the scene of the soon-to-be wedding venue, the pavers are being relayed, after an old retaining wall had been replaced. It’s a huge job, but once finished, we will have the perfect setting for the hired marquee, which will be constructed a few days before the wedding.

Our little Samuel will always be with us. His little spirit accompanies us all as we prepare for his mummy and daddy’s big day, and I know he will be watching over us all with the angels, smiling down from the heavens above, sprinkling magical golden blessings upon his earth family.

Adam and Mary have been through so much, and now it is time to move on, time to plan, time for laughter and joy. A time when the only tears shed will be tears of happiness.


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Goodbye Samuel


“There is no footprint too small that cannot leave an imprint in this world.” ~ Author unknown


“What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose. For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” ~ Helen Keller

A & M

“An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth, and whispered as she closed the book, ‘too beautiful for Earth.'”


“If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.” ~ Author Unknown


“A Life may last for just a moment….
but memory can make that moment last forever…”

family 2

“How very softly you tiptoed into our world, almost silently, only a moment you stayed. But what an imprint your footsteps have left upon our hearts.” ~ Dorothy Ferguson

BB at cemetary

“Think of Me
When you’re feeling sad or a little blue,
Look around and you’ll see I’m here with you

I’m the bird who soars so high above
I’m the one who filled your heart with love.”
~ Author Unknown

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The Day After Tomorrow

pink gerbera

Tonight I am wishing tomorrow away. It’s a day that I’m expecting to be difficult. One I never could have imagined would ever happen.

Tomorrow is the funeral of my stillborn grandson, Samuel.

Samuel’s other grandmother has arranged the day, and I know that my son needs me to be with him on the day. He needs the support of his family, to know we are there for him to lean on while his heart is breaking. To comfort him as he bids his son a final goodbye.

Life will go on, just as it should. The trees will continue to sway in the breeze and the birds will sing, assuring me that the world has not stopped spinning, yet for one small part of tomorrow, time will stand still for me. The clocks will stop ticking. I will be with my son. My heart will break for my boy.

And the day after tomorrow we will move on again. Life will begin again. The ticking of the clocks will resume. My son’s heart will mend, but there will always be a scar, a scar which he will wear with pride.

Baby Samuel will never be forgotten.

Adams tattoo

“Samuel Christopher ~ Always on my mind, Forever in my heart”. ❤