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Two Weeks, and Counting!

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After the intense emotion of the day yesterday, a glass of white wine after dinner sent me into a deep sleep last night. I had a dream, I was at the chapel of the crematorium, the service was for my grandson, tears, sobbing, my parents graves in the surrounding gardens, sadness weighed heavy on me….

Immediately upon awakening, my thought was “thank goodness that was just a dream”, then the stark realisation that I had been reliving the events of the day.

Adam and Mary seemed lighter in spirit today. My daughter Emma, Mary and I went out shopping for a while and bought a few decorations for the wedding….

Two weeks today! On this day, Saturday, two weeks from now, it is Adam and Mary’s wedding day! We have a celebration to look forward to, planning will replace our thoughts of sadness.

While the girls shopped today, the boys worked in the garden. At the back of our house, the scene of the soon-to-be wedding venue, the pavers are being relayed, after an old retaining wall had been replaced. It’s a huge job, but once finished, we will have the perfect setting for the hired marquee, which will be constructed a few days before the wedding.

Our little Samuel will always be with us. His little spirit accompanies us all as we prepare for his mummy and daddy’s big day, and I know he will be watching over us all with the angels, smiling down from the heavens above, sprinkling magical golden blessings upon his earth family.

Adam and Mary have been through so much, and now it is time to move on, time to plan, time for laughter and joy. A time when the only tears shed will be tears of happiness.


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