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Sky Show

When the sun tries to overpower the drizzly rain, the combat between the elements can certainly leave a beautiful sky show. The overwhelming expanse of layered clouds dwarfed the magnificent mountain with a maze of powerful white swirls and grey cotton balls.

The contrast in cloud layers provided no clues in predicting tomorrow’s weather. The low, yellowish clouds suggest rain, but the higher, ribbed clouds tell me it must have been blowing a gale in the upper atmosphere. It looks like there’s a high-flying ‘plane in the upper, righthand corner of the photo too.

A few minutes later, the setting sun added another dimension of interest to the clouds, with a yellow glow attempting to pierce the thick cottonwool layers.

After getting through my end-of-week work related chores on the computer this morning, I spent most of the afternoon beginning an update on my blog. I now have a new domain name, provided by WordPress – I also updated my “About” page. Does anyone else ever think to update the details on their blog? I find that over the years, things change – my thoughts mainly – so I need to rewrite the synopsis of my blog. If anyone cares to read the new page, it can be found here.

When I took the dogs out for a walk in the garden at around sunset, besides the magical sky show, I discovered that the plants I recued from a pile of rubble outside our yard last weekend all seem to have taken well to their new homes. I didn’t hold out much hope for the petunia, so planted it straight into the ground in a sheltered area under a frangipani tree, and even it looks happy.

I think Eliza identified this plant as a type of periwinkle. I hope it continues to thrive in its new location. 🙂

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This afternoon, I had another visitor in my front garden, right near the front door. Yesterday it was the Pee Wees and a Butcher Bird – today, a Kookaburra. It’s my guess that the birds enjoy the coolness of my front garden, which is why they have been spending time there during the afternoon of the past two days. The weather has warmed again, but the humidity isn’t too bad at all.

From the amount of brown dirt smeared on his beak and feathers, I’d say this beauty has been foraging for worms recently. He patiently posed for a close-up photo session though, so I had to reward him with a small morsel of food.

This boy features in a few of my photos. I recognise him because of the bare patch in his upper chest feathers. He’s fairly tame, but just a tad reluctant to take food from my hand.

He listened intently to every word I said to him though. Some birds look deep into your soul – this particular bird can definitely connect on a spiritual level.

Connections between humans can – and should – be the same. We are all human beings, and when I read the words of Maya Angelou today, her wise words seemed more profound that ever –

“It’s very hard to hate someone if you look them in the eye and recognize them as a human being.” ~~ Maya Angelou.

This afternoon as the sun was setting, I noticed a few interesting cloud formations. Rain is predicted overnight, so I’m hoping we have a dry day tomorrow. Who knows – I might get some early morning gardening done, before the heat sets in again. 🙂

This cloud looks to me like a dragon flying across the sky, its wings expanded to either side as it sours across the mountain. Does anyone else see that, or am I reading too much Harry Potter? 😉

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All in a day

At 6:30 am today, the mist was so thick it had blocked the view of everything beyond the palm trees in my garden. And the mist appearing after another warmish night convinces me that what I am seeing must be some form of condensation vapours rising from the damp earth. I had to wait for almost an hour before the mist had cleared enough to take photos of the valley. By that time, the sun had risen, casting shadows across the large stems of the palms, yet the flimsy, misty clouds continued their dance below the mountain.

The sleeping giant, Mount Warning, caught a few dainty clouds too.

I sat at my computer the whole morning, continuing work on assignments, and when I paused for a break just after midday I saw that thick clouds had rolled in across the valley. The afternoon view looked so different to the morning, so it was time for another photo.

Tonight, as I closed the curtains, I noticed the sky had tuned a pretty orange colour. It’s quite a dark photo, but clearly shows the outline of the mountain and ranges against the tinted nighttime sky. And once again there were clouds lingering over the mountain, more than this morning, but less than at midday.

No wonder they call the Tweed Valley the Valley of Contrasts.

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Another warm day

It has been another warm day today. Even when I went outside before 7am to take a few photos the air felt warmer than it has for a while. Don’t be fooled by the clouds, I’m sure they just appeared to add interest to the early morning. By 8am, the sky was mostly blue.

The clouds looked so interesting that I decided to zoom in on them. When my current uni semester is over in five week’s time I’m thinking it would be interesting to learn more about the different cloud formations. I know they all mean something, just what though I really don’t know! All I know is that dark grey and black clouds signify rain, but I think most people know that.

After zooming in on the clouds I decided to get as close as I could to Mount Warning. According to Aboriginal legend, the shape of Mount Warning is the profile of the warrior chief of the mountain.

Going off-topic, I found some words recently from French philosopher and author Albert Camus, which I thought meaningful in these strange and unsettling Covid times, which I will share today –

“In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love. 

In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me, an invincible smile.

In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm.

I realised, through it all, that in the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

And that makes me happy.

For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me,

there’s something stronger –

something better, pushing right back”.