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This afternoon, I had another visitor in my front garden, right near the front door. Yesterday it was the Pee Wees and a Butcher Bird – today, a Kookaburra. It’s my guess that the birds enjoy the coolness of my front garden, which is why they have been spending time there during the afternoon of the past two days. The weather has warmed again, but the humidity isn’t too bad at all.

From the amount of brown dirt smeared on his beak and feathers, I’d say this beauty has been foraging for worms recently. He patiently posed for a close-up photo session though, so I had to reward him with a small morsel of food.

This boy features in a few of my photos. I recognise him because of the bare patch in his upper chest feathers. He’s fairly tame, but just a tad reluctant to take food from my hand.

He listened intently to every word I said to him though. Some birds look deep into your soul – this particular bird can definitely connect on a spiritual level.

Connections between humans can – and should – be the same. We are all human beings, and when I read the words of Maya Angelou today, her wise words seemed more profound that ever –

“It’s very hard to hate someone if you look them in the eye and recognize them as a human being.” ~~ Maya Angelou.

This afternoon as the sun was setting, I noticed a few interesting cloud formations. Rain is predicted overnight, so I’m hoping we have a dry day tomorrow. Who knows – I might get some early morning gardening done, before the heat sets in again. 🙂

This cloud looks to me like a dragon flying across the sky, its wings expanded to either side as it sours across the mountain. Does anyone else see that, or am I reading too much Harry Potter? 😉

9 thoughts on “Soul-ties

  1. Fantastic set of portraits! I know what you mean about connecting on a spiritual level with birds — my gull friend comes to mind. Maya Angelou was such wise soul. I enjoyed her books and often through the years her words have come back from memory for encouragement.

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  2. Isn’t it amazing when we can connect on a spiritual level with our creature friends? This sounds kind of silly–but there’s been an ant wandering by the computer recently and for some reason it feels like we have connected spiritually. With an ant?!! Shh, I don’t want to say this too loud, but I suspect you will understand. Glad you have your deep connections with the birds who used to disturb so much.

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    1. I do understand, of course. I have seen spiders in the garden, even on our verandas, and I don’t like to disturb them. Plenty of people fear spiders, but I have been known to connect with them and allow them to go about their day undisturbed. ❤

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