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Sultry Saturday

Husband is home today, doing a few touch ups before my office is put back how it should be. The kitchen renovation continues next week as well, and there’s a couple of places that need a touch of paint, so he’s getting into that as well.

Semester 1 of university started back this week so today I listened to a lecture and got into some required reading. It’s a blessing that the first week is never overly hectic! It also helps that I can access most of what I need for uni on my iPad.

Today the weather is humid. There’s no rain about but the valley looks rather dull. I took this photo earlier today, when the mountain was mostly visible. Now, it is hidden behind low cloud.

With just one more day of offical summer left though, the humidity should decrease from now on. We’ll see. Regardless of how many humid days we have had this summer, I can’t complain. It’s been a relatively cool summer for a change. 😊

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A Week of Flowers – Day 3

We had another dull, but warm weather day today as spring winds down for another year. We usually have several storms during our subtropical summer, and just as I began to type this post, I heard the first clap of thunder rolling around the night skies.

For Day 3 of Cathy’s Week of Flowers, I looked back on photos I had taken earlier this year and found several I had taken in May. My youngest son gave me a huge bunch of flowers for my birthday, and he had chosen some stunning flowers to include. He called the photo above a “Cabbage Rose”. Whether or not that is what this unusual flower is called I really don’t know, but the description certainly suits the flower.

The three photos above were all the same bunch of flowers – such variety!  🙂

If you look carefully at the last photo you will see the faintest outline of Mount Warning. I took this photo quite early in the day, and the view of the mountain became even fainter, if that’s possible, this afternoon. Perhaps tonight’s rain will wash away the haze and I will have a clearer image of the mountain to share tomorrow.

As for the new floor, it’s getting there. There’s just a few details that need finishing tomorrow, but hopefully by Thursday I will be able to clean up the dusty layer covering every surface of the house and turn the room back into my own.

I just love the new floor! It’s so lovely to walk on and it will be easier to clean than carpet.

I think the poor man laying the floor for us hadn’t planned on returning for a third day, but he’d worked a long day and thinks he’ll have the job finished within a couple of hours. Husband and I both agree he’s done a wonderful job for us and has taken great care to give the floor a smooth finish, which we appreciate very much.

It will be interesting to see how the rooms comes together now. I’m on a decluttering spree – which has lasted, so far, about a year, but that’s another story for another day – so I don’t intend taking anything back into the area unless I am sure I will use it.


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A day spent in the garden

It was another dull weather day today, which worked out perfectly for getting some gardening done. It wasn’t hot, so I didn’t break out in a sweat while hauling branches of fruit frees, that we have pruned over the last month or so, to the mulcher husband hired for the weekend.

We haven’t pruned the pecan tree, which had bare branches for most of the winter, but now spring has arrived the leaves look green and lucious. Around the pecan tree there is the constant buzzing of bees, as they are congregating daily around the pecan tree doing their bee thing with the flowers. Pecan flowers fascinate me every year. Who would think these long strips of greenery would eventually turn into hard, round, brown, pecan nuts?

Just as we were about to head indoors late this afternoon, we caught sight of a foraging kookaburra. They usually watch us from tree branches while we are gardening, and as soon as we leave the area where we have been working they swoop down to find bugs to eat in the loose soil.

I’m dreadfully tired tonight, so I will say goodnight and head off to bed now. Tomorrow we intend spending another full day in the garden while we have the use of the hired mulching machine. It’s a fantastic machine and does a great job of chopping up thick tree branches, so I guess it’s best described as tiring, but satisfying work, which is the way I feel about most gardening chores. 🙂