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A day spent in the garden

It was another dull weather day today, which worked out perfectly for getting some gardening done. It wasn’t hot, so I didn’t break out in a sweat while hauling branches of fruit frees, that we have pruned over the last month or so, to the mulcher husband hired for the weekend.

We haven’t pruned the pecan tree, which had bare branches for most of the winter, but now spring has arrived the leaves look green and lucious. Around the pecan tree there is the constant buzzing of bees, as they are congregating daily around the pecan tree doing their bee thing with the flowers. Pecan flowers fascinate me every year. Who would think these long strips of greenery would eventually turn into hard, round, brown, pecan nuts?

Just as we were about to head indoors late this afternoon, we caught sight of a foraging kookaburra. They usually watch us from tree branches while we are gardening, and as soon as we leave the area where we have been working they swoop down to find bugs to eat in the loose soil.

I’m dreadfully tired tonight, so I will say goodnight and head off to bed now. Tomorrow we intend spending another full day in the garden while we have the use of the hired mulching machine. It’s a fantastic machine and does a great job of chopping up thick tree branches, so I guess it’s best described as tiring, but satisfying work, which is the way I feel about most gardening chores. 🙂

9 thoughts on “A day spent in the garden

  1. Here I am in my morning in fall commenting during your spring evening. 😉 Which reminds me that when I’ve written walks about the seasons, I tried to mention our opposites. I had no idea what a pecan tree looked like. Thank you.

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  2. That’s pretty cool, making your own mulch. Do you make pecan pie with some of those pecans? My father-in-law loved pecan pie. That’s a good shot of the valley, it seems to show how wide and deep it is. Such a lovely vista!

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    1. I’m really pleased about making our own mulch. We are taking complete advantage of everything we grow, which is similar to composting food waste. And yes, I do make pecan pie – often! I’ve been using the same recipe for over 35 years now and it’s a huge favourite with the family (who weren’t born when I first started making pecan pie!) I also add pecans to any cake that requires walnuts, as they are so similar. For example, I make date and pecan loaf, and add pecans to carrot cake. 🙂


  3. I am asking kinda the same question as Barbara. Do you eat your pecans? I think that would be wonderful–love pecans so much! (Not pecan pie, as much, it’s too sweet and rich for this digestive system.)

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    1. Oh that’s a shame you can’t eat pecan pie, Kathy. I think I will add the recipe I use to a post next week, so you can tell me if it’s similar to recipes you use in the U.S. And yes, we do eat our pecans! I’ve explained to Barbara what I use them in. 🙂


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