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In My World…..


I’ve had an idea floating around in the ole grey matter over the weekend, and wondered if it would be possible to change the name of my blog….

I just checked….and I could….it took but a second of time to do so….and I did it, then realised the confusion that could occur when my regular blogging friends dropped by!

Of course, the www. address remains the same, the only way to change that is to forget this blog and start up a new one. I didn’t want to do that though, I have become quite attached to my little place on the World Wide Web, our association goes back many years now, so will remain.

There is a magazine in Australia, called “Country Style”. I love this mag and have been a reader for over twenty years. I subscribe to the magazine….I really love it! However, about three or four years ago, they decided to begin a blog, and called the blog (can anyone guess…..?)…..Homelife!

As lovely as the magazine, the “other” blog, and the name of the other blog are, I have felt a tad overshadowed by this immense media power ever since. This is my tiny (in the perspective of the Web) little blog, mostly set within the realms of my home and garden. I also include nearby towns, and write about holidays I have taken. The posts are written from my personal perspective, are perhaps not always politically correct and certainly do not express the opinions of the multitudes. I am not up to the minute with the latest and greatest in fashion, neither around the home or otherwise, and I do not even have a particular word than even defines my style…..I’m just little old me, sharing my world with friends.

I like the title “In My World”. It’s personal. It’s authentic. It’s My world, and no one else’s. Home life can encompass many a person’s life at home, My World is all about me, and the people, creatures and things I wish to include in my world, just the way it should be.

And, dear blogging friends, you are all a part of my world and I enjoy sharing your world too. 🙂

Now, onwards….2015, here we come. (2015? Wow, I still can’t get over how fast 2014 has gone!)

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Capturing the Moment

Home for this eight legged fellow.

“Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no delay, no procrastination; never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”~Lord Chesterfield.

The above quote sums up an important lesson I have learned during 2011.

Web of diamonds and pearls.

With my camera at the ready, as I see a magical moment unfolding, I photograph it. It’s no use in thinking we can go back to the moment later. If we fail to seize the moment, it will be lost to us, forever.

During the year I have captured many moments in time with my camera. We are fortunate enough to live in a generation when we can click away to our hearts content, transfer the photos to our computer and edit later. No more messy and expensive film processing for us!

Most of my captured moments didn’t make it to my blog page, for no other reason than there were so many of them! What better time to share some of my year as it draws to a close.

Memories of my childhood home.


During my visit to the Blue Mountains in April this year with my youngest son, I captured days which will live in my heart forever. There are those who say you can’t return to your past. Well, I didn’t do that; I re-discovered my past surroundings, through the eyes of an adult. The home where I grew up is obviously loved by its present owner, with both the building and garden being well maintained.

A Generation Later

Watching my son ride his skate-board along the same street where I had played as a child was one of those special moments, in need of capturing in the instant of the time.

School Days

My old school, the one where I began kindergarten at the age of four, seemed to me to be captured in a time-warp. A well maintained time-warp I might add!

Echo Point, Katoomba.

The award for the most surreal moment of the year, when time literally stood still for me, happened when my boy and I visited the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains. As we headed towards the lookout, the sounds of a didgeridoo echoed throughout the expanse of the valley. If you are not familiar with the sound, I have found a sample on You Tube, which you can listen to here…

The man responsible for the Magical Sounds kindly allowed me to photograph him, then complimented my son on his choice of cap he was wearing, a glossy, purple, checkered number he had found a few days earlier!

Making memories with loved ones is really something special; seizing the moment and recognising it for what it is embeds the moment in your heart.

Treasuring the moment, and moving right along in the direction of the next memory is absolutely priceless.

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Introducing…”A Sense of Spirit”

This weekend I’ve been having a wonderful time with WordPress, adding here, changing there, reading up on this, that and the other.

I’ve even started up a brand new blog, something that I’ve been contemplating doing for most of this year. Well, yesterday, I finally had all of the details worked out and began to put my thoughts into action.

The end result, (even though this is just the beginning!) is “A Sense of Spirit”. I do hope you will take a look at what I’ve got there so far.

It may or may not be your cup of tea and it can’t hurt to take a look, now can it?

I really like the design and colours in my new website. It feels right for what it is, and for what it is to become, with time.

WordPress is a fantastic site for setting up blogs, both free and self-hosted. I’ve finally got my head around the different WordPress sites too ~ is where you set up a free blog, such as “asenseofspirit.”, which is hosted by WordPress and has the word WordPress in the web address, and… is for the self-hosted blog sites, (where you choose your own domain name and it doesn’t include the word WordPress) an example of where you are now, here at

There has been many a time when I have been completely stumped by WordPress’s  instructions, on how to set all of the aspects of a blog in place. They can, at times, be just downright vague with their information! Still and all, WordPress is my first choice for setting up a blog.

Don’t forget to have a look around at “A Sense of Spirit” and let me know what you think.

Today’s photo credit goes to “Yours Truly”. It was taken many years ago, in our back garden, when we lived in Sydney and is my first two babies. It is one of my favourite photos of them and I have used it today, for my first photo on my first post, at “A Sense of Spirit”.



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Sunday Afternoon

This afternoon, my trusty little camera and I took ourselves outside to see if we could find one of our infamous and stunningly beautiful sunsets.

Hmm, no such luck today; however, we did manage some very pretty photos.

The moon has made an early appearance. Well, either that, or it has been hanging around visibly in the sky all day! Either way, my photo came out rather well, I thought.

Afternoon Moon

The northern sky is a brilliant blue right now, but the southern sky is sporting some rather grey clouds.

Southern Sky

Whilst standing in the shade of a massive Poinciana tree I had a trial run of taking a series of photos pointing the camera directly into the sun. This photo is my favourite.

Setting Summer Sun

As the weather begins to cool down, (I’m sure it will, very soon!) my camera and I have made a deal to take our walks further afield than our own garden. Who knows what we may find! 🙂

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And Now For the Latest News at Home Life Online…

The Holden

Glitches ~ A Thing of the Past?

It would appear that the recent glitches on my website may be a thing of the past. A change of theme may have corrected the problems I’ve been experiencing lately. Fingers crossed, touch wood and here’s hoping!

Now all I need to do is add a few more personal touches and all will be well again. 🙂

On The Home Front…

Miss Eighteen, of “just-finished-school” and “casual-job” fame, has just applied for, and received, her first ever credit card. She wanted the card for a specific purpose and has a five months interest free period.

Wanting to check out if the card worked, she purchased a $3.92 packet of chips, to share with her brother. When she arrived home, she immediately made a payment of $3.92 onto her credit card!

Her family trusts that she will continue with these responsible financial practises!

Managing Without a Car. (Photo Story)

A routine service check on my four year old Holden Commodore has revealed some unexpected problems. An engine oil leak has been discovered, preventing the car from being passed for registration, which was due yesterday.

The repairs on the car would have been completed by this morning, if Holden had sent the right parts.

The repairs would have further been completed by this afternoon, if Holden had sent all of the right parts in the second delivery!

With the help of my two eldest children, hitching a ride has not been a problem for me.

(Is the Universe trying to tell me something?)

And Cutting a Long Story Short…

This morning, I took a walk around a very familiar block, in the industrial area at South Tweed Heads, admiring shrubs planted many years ago, and still thriving, at two locations where I have had businesses located in years gone by.

Even in my workplaces, I have tended whatever garden has been available for me to tend!

My latest garden, at my latest workplace, will be given the attention it is crying out for as soon as the weather cools down just a tad.

I will reveal my new workplace soon, as soon as I’m given some photos, taken on my daughter’s camera. (Geez, that girl is slow. They were taken last September!!)

Today’s Weather.

(What kind of news would this be, if it didn’t end with the weather?!)

Google Weather tells me it is currently cloudy, 26 degrees Celsius (or 78 F) and 65% humidity. Tomorrow is predicted to reach 27 degrees and Google hasn’t decided if it will be sunny, raining or cloudy!

My home thermometer tells me it’s 29 degrees Celsius (83 F) and 63 % humidity. A glance outside the window reveals sunshine! For tomorrow, I predict the weather will be whatever I see when I look outside my window again! 😉