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And Now For the Latest News at Home Life Online…

The Holden

Glitches ~ A Thing of the Past?

It would appear that the recent glitches on my website may be a thing of the past. A change of theme may have corrected the problems I’ve been experiencing lately. Fingers crossed, touch wood and here’s hoping!

Now all I need to do is add a few more personal touches and all will be well again. 🙂

On The Home Front…

Miss Eighteen, of “just-finished-school” and “casual-job” fame, has just applied for, and received, her first ever credit card. She wanted the card for a specific purpose and has a five months interest free period.

Wanting to check out if the card worked, she purchased a $3.92 packet of chips, to share with her brother. When she arrived home, she immediately made a payment of $3.92 onto her credit card!

Her family trusts that she will continue with these responsible financial practises!

Managing Without a Car. (Photo Story)

A routine service check on my four year old Holden Commodore has revealed some unexpected problems. An engine oil leak has been discovered, preventing the car from being passed for registration, which was due yesterday.

The repairs on the car would have been completed by this morning, if Holden had sent the right parts.

The repairs would have further been completed by this afternoon, if Holden had sent all of the right parts in the second delivery!

With the help of my two eldest children, hitching a ride has not been a problem for me.

(Is the Universe trying to tell me something?)

And Cutting a Long Story Short…

This morning, I took a walk around a very familiar block, in the industrial area at South Tweed Heads, admiring shrubs planted many years ago, and still thriving, at two locations where I have had businesses located in years gone by.

Even in my workplaces, I have tended whatever garden has been available for me to tend!

My latest garden, at my latest workplace, will be given the attention it is crying out for as soon as the weather cools down just a tad.

I will reveal my new workplace soon, as soon as I’m given some photos, taken on my daughter’s camera. (Geez, that girl is slow. They were taken last September!!)

Today’s Weather.

(What kind of news would this be, if it didn’t end with the weather?!)

Google Weather tells me it is currently cloudy, 26 degrees Celsius (or 78 F) and 65% humidity. Tomorrow is predicted to reach 27 degrees and Google hasn’t decided if it will be sunny, raining or cloudy!

My home thermometer tells me it’s 29 degrees Celsius (83 F) and 63 % humidity. A glance outside the window reveals sunshine! For tomorrow, I predict the weather will be whatever I see when I look outside my window again! 😉

7 thoughts on “And Now For the Latest News at Home Life Online…

  1. Stop it, Joanne! I already want to move to Qld. . .but of course only select parts of it now.
    Being without a car is a big big pain. . . try and find a friend who drives a BMW and is leaving town for a week. . .
    Josie x


  2. OI! There on your computer right now Miss *Will not say age or may be killed*
    hahahah shhhhh…. It was the scariest *insert card* of my life! And now for a laptop >:D


  3. lol! I’ve found that looking out the window and/or stepping outside is always more reliable than Google or the meteorologists who attempt to predict what the weather is/will be.


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