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A Wet Easter Monday

On a day when I hardly saw my back garden let alone Mount Warning, due to this mist and low cloud, I spent most of the day working on a university assignment, which is due this Wednesday.

During constant reading of any description, I find I need to take regular breaks, usually in the garden. What to do when it’s raining heavily outside? I baked a loaf of bread instead.

It’s been many years since I baked a loaf of bread, although I always bake a batch of hot cross buns every Easter. This year, I baked two batches, and they turned out so well I was inspired to try bread baking again.

I started simple, just a plain white loaf, and the result was a beautifully crispy golden crust and soft white bread inside.

It was a pretty good way to spend the final day of the Easter long weekend, here in the damp subtropics.

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On a Rainy Day

When the rain returns, as it did today, and Mount Warning is hidden by the clouds again, as it was today, those are the days when I can share a random assortment of photos taken around my garden during finer weather.


When I took this photo, I didn’t realise a tiny spider was also admiring the flower.

The first three photos are plants in my front garden. The last is the beginning of a flower that will open more fully over the next few days. I think, from memory, the plant is a bromeliad. It’s a shade-loving plant that my son-in-law planted about ten years ago. Back then, he stuck a shabby, dry plant in the ground, and a couple of days later he told me it was probably dead and he’d just take it out. I persuaded him to leave it, assuring him that I’d keep an eye on the plant, and if it didn’t show any signs of life, I’d get rid of it. As you can see, the plant thrived, and every year it produces these rather eye-catching flowers.

During the next week, I will have to take each day as it comes with the photos I can take, which will depend on the weather. Rain is predicted every day, but if I keep an eye on the mountain during the day, I might just catch it peeking out from behind the clouds, if I’m lucky. 🙂

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Colour on a Rainy Day

Lavender Lights

There was nothing to see in the valley today other than mist and rain, so luckily I have a few photos taken around my garden when the sun shone brightly in the blue sky. With the amount of rain we have had lately, fine days are fast becoming a distant memory.

White Buddleia

On the plus side, the rain is chasing away the heat, so it isn’t all bad news. I can’t remember a February – ever – filled with day after day of cooler temperatures.


With our kitchen renovation in full swing, husband and I have been surviving on pre-prepared freezer meals or take-away meals. Another day of cooler temperatures today inspired me to try something unseasonal – I cooked a meal in the slow cooker. It must be the first time I have served a casserole-style meal in summer, but it was soooooo good!

Type of hydrangea. I’m not sure of the name.

We both went back for second helpings, and there’s leftovers for tomorrow too. 🙂

Rain, rain, rain …

The last photo is to document today’s weather. Nothing to see here! Rain persisted all day, with the temperature reaching around twenty-five degrees Celsius. I can imagine how happy the weeds are, but when we have a break in the rain I will have a quick whip around the garden to remove any wayward weeds. Thankfully, the plants are all getting a good soaking too. 🙂

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Mist, rain, and no view of the mountain

We were spoilt over the weekend – yesterday at least – with a lovely, sunny, not-too-hot summer’s day.

Today we have rain.

All that is visible where Mount Warning should be is next door’s bamboo (who plants bamboo these days … ??) which grows at a rate of about one metre per week, (!!**!!) and I have been assured will be trimmed  – “soon”.

I found a wet little Hoppy (of gammy foot fame) huddled on the veranda late this afternoon, along with a friend.

They seem to like sheltering on my veranda. I’ve also noticed they spend time on rainy days sheltering in our bar-be-que area. Yesterday, I had to give the area a good hosing, as they had left some “evidence” of their visits!

Next week – on the 26th – it’s Australia Day, and the Australian flavoured posts are beginning to do the rounds of the internet. I thought I’d add one today (author unknown) and ask the question –

Without Google searching, how many of these words or phrases have you heard, or now the meaning of? 😉