Australia · autumn · garden flowers · in my garden · Mount Warning · sunset · Tweed Valley

Cooler weather …

Today it has felt like winter may be on its way. Even though the days have been cooler, I haven’t felt like cuddling up under a warm blanket at my desk while studying yet, which is something I often do during winter.

The sky turned a subtle shade of orange at sunset, looking very pretty, although not as dramatic as yesterday’s sunset. If you missed it, it’s worth taking a minute to go back to yesterday’s entry to take a look at when the sky and clouds put on an breathtakingly dramatic display.

The cooler weather hasn’t stopped my summer flowers from blooming yet. I noticed today there are a few new hibiscus on the hedge beside the pool.

On Monday, I gave my potted fuchsia a light prune, making sure I left a few unopened buds on the plant – just in case … and as you can see, they are already in bloom! Perhaps not growing as vigorously or as luscious looking as during the summer months, but still very lovely and much appreciated.

During the weekend, I plan on doing some more pruning around the garden. It’s that time of year for us here in Australia after all. 🙂

Australia · autumn · mist · Mount Warning · sunrise · sunset · Tweed Valley

Mystical Mist at 6am

This is the reason why it is worthwhile getting out of bed at 6am on a very nippy autumn morning. Seeing eerie swirls of other-wordly mist in the valley is the best way to start the day.

Just when you think sunrise couldn’t get any better, the slightest pink blush appeared in the sky, ever so faint, and only momentarily, but it was there.

Tonight, twenty minutes short of twelve hours later, a deep shade of orange appeared in the sunset sky, And is that the moon is see glowing in the sky to the right of the mountain?