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Delightful Mangoes.

This summer, the branches of my mango tree are being dragged down by an abundance of perfectly formed fruit.

The tree was planted some fifteen years ago and has been admired each year as it has matured into one of our favourite trees in the garden.

Ready for Mango Chutney!
Ready for Mango Chutney!

My family estimates that we have somewhere in the vicinity of 150-200 mangoes, all of which are likely to ripen around the same time!

During the winter months my father-in-law, a third generation farmer, did a brilliant job at pruning the tree. What he doesn’t know about fruit trees just isn’t worth knowing about!

Over the years, many an adventurous child has chosen my mango tree as a play house, climbing the solid branches and also hiding beneath the canopy of shady green leaves. This magnificent tree, with its beautiful spirit, has made many friends in its lifetime.

With Mother Nature’s perfect timing, this superb fruit will bring a smile to the  faces of family and friends ~ just in time for Christmas.

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