Changes and Growth

“We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand.” ~ C. Day Lewis

When I began this website, it was with the intention of sharing two of my favourite activities – cooking and gardening, both of which are part of “me”. Each post written has been done so with feelings of extreme joy and every future post will be contributed in the same manner.

But there’s something missing and it’s a topic issue.

Every day I find myself inspired to write more! And the inspiration arrives in the form of more diverse subjects than just “Gardening and Gastronomy”!

There is a solution to my dilemma….today, I am happy to introduce a new name to Home Life Online, “Everyday Inspirations”. Life evolves, and changes, and grows, and matures, there is always “more” for us to be…in just the same way as these pages are becoming “more”.

My chronicles of cooking and gardening will continue, as you will see in my last post “Lunch In The Garden…Pea and Ham Soup”.

“A Magical Memory” is my first post in the evolution of Home Life Online. It is my desire that a visit to these articles will provide you with inspiration and joy, along with a few thoughts to contemplate.

If I have achieved that, I am a happy writer. 🙂

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