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The Town that Time Forgot

???????????????????????????????Not far from my home, just over two hour’s drive north from here, is a sleepy little town, a town that time forgot.

The very first time I drove into Eumundi, which would have been over twelve years ago now, I felt right at home. The main street of the town is lined with wonderful old buildings, lovingly maintained throughout the years, preserving the rustic charm of a bygone era.

This is a town where I always feel good, no exceptions; a town with a calm energy pulsing through its tranquil, old world veins.

Despite the town’s population of a mere 500 estimated residents, Eumundi is actually a township familiar to many the world over, mostly due to the world renowned Eumundi Markets, held in the centre of the town, each and every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

Words alone cannot describe the attraction of the Eumundi Markets. Only a visit to the town in person could evoke a complete appreciation of the atmosphere, and the feelings of serenity, whilst wandering through the laneways of the colourful market stalls.

Emma and Adam at the markets.
Emma and Adam at the markets.

Nothing compares to leisurely strolling from stall to stall, whilst munching on a bag of freshly roasted macadamias (Australian bush nuts) and sipping on a cup of homemade ginger beer.

There’s so much detail in these two photos, so just click on them to enlarge.

The home-made Ginger Beer stand.

I’m sure you can imagine my utter delight when Berkelouw Books opened up, right in the heart of Eumundi. The first time I walked into the new store, perhaps three or four years ago now, I can only liken the feeling to what I imagine it would be to have died and gone to book heaven!

The heavenly aspect of Berkelouw Books, however, is not just due to their stocking of latest addition books. Cramming the shelves of line after line of tall bookcases towards the back of the store, I discovered the biggest range of good quality second hand books that I have ever clapped eyes on in my entire life.

Now, I’ve been a browser of second hand book shops for many a year, but never before have I seen such an extensive range of pre-loved books as on display at Eumundi.

Time stood still for me as I pored over the multitude of books contained on the shelves. Upon leaving the store, I had become the proud owner of four books, written by one of my favourite authors, Daphne Du Maurier. Adding to the charm of my finds, each book had been neatly autographed by its original owner, dates included, going back to 1958. The same man had owned all four books.

The best frittata I have ever tasted came from a cafe in Eumundi. The name of the cafe escapes me now, although I could go back there today and find it in an instant. This cafe is right across the road from Berkelouw Books, on Memorial Drive.

How do I describe the magical quality of Eumundi, this sleepy town, held peacefully within the palms of a time-warp? How do I explain the feelings of euphoria I experience when visiting there?

To put it simply, I can’t explain why I feel this way, any more than I can understand whether it is a feeling unique to me, or whether others have also felt the magical touch of serenity within the timeless buildings and rolling green hills just outside of the main town centre.

Could I live in Eumundi? Yes, I could drop everything here, and move to Eumundi in an instant, even though its climate belies the four seasons I hold so dearly to my heart and constantly miss, due to living in a sub-tropical area.

The natural elation I experience during a visit to Eumundi is worth sacrificing cooler weather for…  🙂

4 thoughts on “The Town that Time Forgot

  1. i love markets and the eumundi is one i haven’t been to yet
    perhaps next time i visit my mum on the sunshine coast
    you have inspired me to put it on the list


  2. What a lovely idea to drop everything and move there but it is a HUGE adjustment to do as such. I myself went from a very large city to a small town as you described. Suddenly your life changes, yes-probably for the better. But you learn to live without certain things (we have a dollar general & a CVS). You learn that you can’t get things in the middle of the night, or after 7pm for that matter. We don’t have large selections of anything, groceries are at the mom/pop grocery at the corner.

    But on the other side, who needs everything anyway? We make do just fine with what we do have, life is slower and there is less stress. So I guess it all evens out in the end.


  3. Kel ~ Pleased to have offered the inspiration, you’ll love the markets! 🙂

    FinallyGettingToEven ~ That’s just the kind of life I love the sounds of, no stress and being grateful for what we have. 🙂


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