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On The Brink….

My son starts at his new school tomorrow. And whilst saddened by the end of his summer school holidays, as he is every year, he is also excited.

Such is his anticipation and joy at starting his new school, he told me that he can’t describe how happy he is. The words escape him!

My son isn’t the only one trying to contain his anticipation of the events about to unfold.

The latter months of last year brought about many changes in my life also. With the groundwork begun and the foundation stones set in place, this next week is my time to continue on with my plans, which have been temporarily put on hold due to the Christmas and New Year break.

It isn’t all about making changes, though. It’s also about learning; and reading. It’s about new knowledge, knowledge which has always been there, but I just wasn’t ready to hear.

Reading, research, action, planning, working….

Listening with my heart, following my instincts, new beginnings….

Working towards finding answers; at times momentarily revisiting the past to make further progress into the future….

Travelling, making memories….

Taking stock, discarding that which is no longer required, simplifying my mind, my life….

Just as Pocahontas did, I will listen to and follow the wind.

The feelings of freedom are already there. The Universe has plans, and my heart is open to listening to the messages I receive as the days, months and the year unfolds.

Are you listening with your heart wide open to the plans The Universe has awaiting you?

When you are looking for change, and want the change, and feeling the change you are wanting, it will begin to happen.

Events will unfold before your eyes, showing you the correct path to follow to bring about the changes you are wanting.

Begin each day with your eyes wide open. You won’t miss a thing.

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