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On School, Baskin Robbins and “Chillin’”

Well, I am happy to report that the day did not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded all expectations!

Not in the least bit deterred by the fact that at his new school, his year alone contained half the population of the entire school he had previously attended, this morning my son calmly prepared his lunch and packed his books into his new school bag, in preparation for his first day of school for the year.

Expectations will remain high, from the point of view of the school, at least. For my boy to retain his position in the Academic Excellence classes in which he has been placed, his grades must remain at B- or above.

He’s not concerned in the slightest! In fact, I would like to a make written record right here, to refer back to in December this year, stating that my ambitious son, during this past weekend, has declared that he will end this year as the Grade 8 Dux!

As he climbed into the back seat of my car this afternoon, he announced to my daughter and I that he had just experienced the fastest school day of his entire school life!

I think I can safely say that this transfer of schools is showing extremely positive aspects, right from day one!

On the way home, we stopped off at Baskin Robbins ice cream shop. My boy was famished!

With all ice creams carefully steadied, we headed on up to Point Danger, a local landmark and lookout.

What a gloriously crystal clear day we have had today! After ice creams were devoured, my son and I went off for a walk, camera in hand, leaving Miss Eighteen to “chill” in the car, listening to music.


Most of the photos I took turned out very well indeed, considering the age and quality of my camera. (***Added to my wish list today, under the heading “Top Priority” ~ an upgrade on my camera!***)

More about Point Danger tomorrow. 🙂

2 thoughts on “On School, Baskin Robbins and “Chillin’”

  1. Sounds like a very good day. 🙂

    I’ve been having trouble at times leaving a comment. Just want to let you know I’m reading but sometimes the comment section doesn’t work for me. Maybe I should try a different browser and see if that works.


    1. Since I changed the theme I’ve noticed a few glitches in the system, including your gravatar isn’t showing up. I miss your shoes!
      I’ll have a poke around my dashboard and see if I can fix anything, with my limited knowledge of computers.


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