Australia · summer · Tweed Valley

Sunday Afternoon

This afternoon, my trusty little camera and I took ourselves outside to see if we could find one of our infamous and stunningly beautiful sunsets.

Hmm, no such luck today; however, we did manage some very pretty photos.

The moon has made an early appearance. Well, either that, or it has been hanging around visibly in the sky all day! Either way, my photo came out rather well, I thought.

Afternoon Moon

The northern sky is a brilliant blue right now, but the southern sky is sporting some rather grey clouds.

Southern Sky

Whilst standing in the shade of a massive Poinciana tree I had a trial run of taking a series of photos pointing the camera directly into the sun. This photo is my favourite.

Setting Summer Sun

As the weather begins to cool down, (Iā€™m sure it will, very soon!) my camera and I have made a deal to take our walks further afield than our own garden. Who knows what we may find! šŸ™‚