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Where the Wild Creatures Live

A wild baby hare, spending the day inside, in the coolness of our shower.

We had another unexpected little garden visitor here this morning. This creature, as opposed to the frogs and cicadas, was a quiet little thing.

At first we were not sure whether it was a baby rabbit or a hare. Either way, it would not have survived the day where it was, out in the full strength midday sun, all alone.

We put the little fellow into our shower recess with a saucer of cool water, while we scoured the internet for information on him.

By later this afternoon we had concluded that he was a wild baby hare. If we tried to domesticate him, he would have no doubt died within a short space of time. Hares need to be free to survive.

We often see fully grown hares around the garden, so it would be logical to believe that is what he is.

According to the information that we read, he needed to be returned to the garden at the end of the day, when the heat of the day had subsided; to around the same place he had been found.

We found a sheltered area, with plenty of hiding places and shelter from the elements, and left him with another shallow dish of water.

It would be nice to think he will continue to survive in our garden. I’m quite happy to share our garden with all of these harmless, wild creatures.

Such a little cutie!