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“I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes….”

Female Huntsman, found in the pantry.

Along with his box of breakfast cereal this morning, my son discovered this eight legged monster, lurking around the shelves of our pantry.

She joins the list of “visitors” to our house this week; including the other two cute guys…the green frog and the little baby hare.

I’d hardly call this visitor cute, although we do manage to co-exist quite okay with our spider population.

We are sure that this spider is a female Huntsman, with the males having somewhat longer legs and smaller bodies.

My son put the spider in a glass jar, which is where she is in this photo. She posed patiently for me whilst I played around with the settings on my camera, finally finding what I was looking for. My clever little camera has a setting for taking photos behind glass…perfect!

It seems that we humans are not the only creatures being rattled by the heat we have experienced of late. The small creature population appear to be turning up in the most unexpected of places!