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Ten Minutes of Sunset (and a wet kookaburra!)

5:52 pm

The rain crashed suddenly onto the car as I drove south along the M1 Motorway. Sitting beside me in the passenger seat was my daughter Emma. She said nothing at all and I didn’t dare look at her although I could feel the tension in my girl, as I struggled to see the road.

At first, I wasn’t sure whether the loud crashing was due to millions of huge raindrops on the car, or hail. It could have been either.

5:52 pm A close up of Mount Warning in the south-west. Yes, there’s a mountain behind those clouds!

When Emma did speak, all she said was, “we can’t even pull over mum, we’re on the freeway”.

She was right. The visibility of the road ahead was perhaps two metres, we couldn’t pull over safely, freeway or not, as I couldn’t see to find a safe place to park for a while, whilst we waited for the deluge to pass.

5:53 pm, the southern sky.

I continued to drive, oh so carefully and ever so slowly. I knew Emma was scared; so was I.

Our exit off the freeway seemed to take forever to arrive and thankfully, by that time, the rain had eased slightly, so I could actually see our exit! We could have ended up having to continue over half an hour further south on to Byron Bay. Not that Byron Bay isn’t a lovely town to visit, but please, not today, not in this weather!

5:53 pm Looking directly west.

Five minutes later, (after we had reached our destination!) the rain had stopped.

Showers of rain continued on and off for the rest of the day, but nothing anywhere near as ferocious as the rain Emma and I had driven through, for perhaps ten minutes, on the freeway.

5:55 pm Mount Warning has been completely hidden by the clouds.

Late in the afternoon, when safely home and standing in my back garden, camera in hand, this is the series of photos I took, which also spanned a ten minute period of the day.

5:55 Looking south again, the sky is changing rapidly.

Did we need to endure the sudden colossal downpour a few hours earlier in the day, to be rewarded by this amazing sunset? I suspect we did, as I don’t remember ever having seen the sky on fire in such a beautiful and magnificent way!

5:57 pm Mount Warning is completely hidden behind the clouds.

In some of the photos you will notice Mount Warning peeking through the clouds here and there. Mount Warning is an extinct volcano and has been there for as long as time. I can imagine the sunsets that the mountain has seen over the years.

5:57 pm Within moments the view has changed again, and the top of Mount Warning is just peeking through the cloud mass.

These photos are straight from the camera, just as I took them, no editing other than reducing the size to download them here. This is the colour that I saw, standing in the garden, shivering, after what had been a sunny and pleasant morning. Isn’t it spectacular? I just had to share these with all of you.

5:59 pm Hello Larry!

And look who came to visit, just as I was about to head back indoors to the warmth of the house!

6:00 pm As Larry and I enjoy the fading sunset.

One poor, wet, bedraggled kookaburra. This is my very tame friend, who I have named Larry, due to his Three Stooges hairdo!

6:01 pm Here’s a close up of Larry. He really is very tame and will take bacon rind from my hand. 🙂

I would like to think that Larry was there to enjoy the sunset with me, but in all honesty, I have to admit that I know he was there for the bacon rind I feed him!

6:02 pm As the night sky overtakes the incredible hues of the setting sun.

I wouldn’t have missed this sky show, only lasting for ten minutes, for anything.  🙂

11 thoughts on “Ten Minutes of Sunset (and a wet kookaburra!)

  1. That is indeed a stunning sunset, Joanne! So wonderful to share it with Larry, too, even if that wasn’t his main reason for visiting you. 🙂 Heavy rain with such low visibility while driving on a freeway is pretty scary, especially when even the truckers feel compelled to pull over. Mount Warning seems like a very special mountain, kind of like a north star, a friendly landmark in the landscape of your life.


  2. These are such cool pics, Joanne, although my heart is still pounding from your rain-crazy drive on the freeway. Those moments should not happen to people, especially when we have precious passengers aboard. (By the way, I have an on-line friend from Byron Bay named Glenda. Did you meet her there?)


  3. Gorgeous colors Joanne! How wonderful for you to see them. I’m sorry you had to experience that harrowing ride. I loved making Larry’s acquaintance 🙂


  4. Very scary experience of torrential rain shower indeed. But, what a beautiful sunset, Joanne! It must be awesome to live surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Thank you for sharing these experiences of beauty. And, I’ve never seen a kookaburra, this is the first. Birds are so interesting!


    1. You have never seen a kookaburra before? Really? Stick with me Marianne, I’ll show you plenty!! They are adorable birds and very intelligent too. Yes, the drive in the rain was so scary and I have thought of it a few times since, with the same feelings of nervousness and fear as when it took place, although the sunset was almost worth the experience. Wasn’t it a beauty? 🙂


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