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It’s been raining for so long.

berry buddies

“Well it’s a happenin’ thing
And it’s happenin’ to you
Full moon and thunder
Ribbons of blue
Ice on the window
Ice in my heart
Foolin’ with thunder
Every time we start…” ~ Rain, Marc Hunter and Dragon.

“I’ll have to get rid of those new bunches of seeds off the palms, or we’ll have them dropping into the pool”, announced my husband a couple of weeks ago.

“Don’t cut them down!” I protested. “When they are ripe enough the birds will want to eat them!”

So they stayed , and this morning the Honey Eaters discovered they were ready for the picking. What a lovely time they had, dangling from the berry branches as they ate breakfast in the rain! We can clean the pool up later.

Another wet and gloomy day for the humans, although the birds don't seem to mind.
Another wet and gloomy day for the humans, but the birds don’t seem to mind.

The rain hasn’t stopped all day, with warnings of treacherous weather frightening many people into staying indoors. Shop owners are closing the doors to their shops, the streets have hardly any traffic and the beaches are all but empty. The temperature has dropped to twenty-four degrees celsius and the humidity is ninety-four percent.

And here we are, smack bang in the middle month of summer, on our Australia Day weekend!

When I began my week of “Australian Icon” posts I hadn’t bargained on this horrendous weather taking hold. How can I show you photos of the golden beaches of the Gold Coast in this weather? I’ll just have to extend my Australian Icon week for a day or two, or until the sun returns, whichever comes first.

High tide at the jetty.
High tide at the jetty.

High tide was around 11 am this morning, so we went to the jetty to take a few photos, then drove around the corner to the deserted park. Every weekend during summer the park is chock-full of families, picnicking by the river. Today, there was not a soul in sight.

I felt so sorry for the seagulls in the park. They know this is the place to go to be fed, but today the feeders were nowhere to be seen! I guess they’ll have to hunt for their own dinner today.

The Crested Tern ~ mother and son perhaps?
The Crested Tern ~ mother and son perhaps?

Keeping the seagulls company today were a couple of other birds that I haven’t seen before, one of which I have identified as the Crested Tern. The Tern is closely related to the Seagull and the cousins intermingled together in the rain swept park and along the edges of the river.

Australian Pied Oyster Catcher.
Australian Pied Oyster Catcher.

This funny looking long-legged fellow is an Australian Pied Oyster Catcher. I’m surprised not to have seen him in the park before. There are oyster beds in the mangroves nearby, so they should be able to help themselves to an oyster or two any time they are feeling peckish.

Too wet to leave the car, this photo was taken looking through the windscreen.
Too wet to leave the car, this photo was taken looking through the windscreen.

My son Adam wanted to see how the surf was, with the waves reported to be higher than usual today, so we took a drive up to Point Danger to have a look at Duranbah Beach and the mouth of the Tweed River.

Fierce choppy waves at Duranbah Beach.
Fierce choppy waves at Duranbah Beach.

As we had expected, the surf looked pretty ordinary and only the brave, or the very foolish, were out for a swim. We counted the grand total of two people swimming at this very popular surfing beach.

Dangerous conditions.
Dangerous conditions.

The mouth of the river is hazardous at the best of times, even for boats and fishing trawlers. Today, the rough seas were crazy.

My Australian song for today is, appropriately, “Rain” from the Australian/New Zealand band Dragon. The sun is predicted to return by Tuesday. I wonder if it will? Probably “yes”, as that is the day the work week begins again…. and I suppose you have all heard of “Murphy’s Law”!

12 thoughts on “It’s been raining for so long.

  1. I’m hearing about some pretty alarming weather down your way … tornadoes ? And they’re telling people to stay off the roads on one of the most popular travelling weekends of the Queensland.
    Those waves look big enough to suck that fellow out to sea !


    1. I think the media may exaggerate just a teeny-weeny bit, we were out on the roads for a short time and it wasn’t that bad at all. I think the authorities are just concerned that some inexperienced people may get themselves into a tricky situaton and that would be no good, so they have to be cautious and warn people to stay indoors. I do think that fellow in the surf should have payed attention to the warnings!

      What we experienced was the tail-end of an x tropical cyclone, which isn’t unusual in this area, but can cause of lot of damage.


  2. What a different world we’re living in right now. It was good to have a glimpse of your rainy weather. Hope everyone stays safe and that Mother Nature eases up. Glad that you cared more about the birds eating the seeds than the cleanliness of the pool.


  3. Those gulls are hilarious! I think the rain just added to the allure of your photos.

    About a week ago it rained for three days, nonstop, here in Louisiana. I didn’t mind. ❤


    1. I usually don’t mind the rain either Stacy, only when their are weather warnings, as we do live in a flood area. Rain can be so beautiful though. 🙂


      1. We had tornado warnings last night – yikes! We never had those in south Louisiana (hurricanes down there). I’m not sure I like tornado warnings!! ❤


    1. I’m glad you have enjoyed my stories Robin. I have a couple more typically Australian stories I would like to add too, when time and weather permits. That’s another thing about my area, you never know when it’s going to rain!


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