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Mother’s Day 2013.

Happy Mother's Day to my friends.
Happy Mother’s Day to my friends.

“The most precious jewels you will ever have around your neck
are the arms of your children.” ~ Unknown.

I write this the morning after Mother’s Day, on a cold and misty Monday morning here in Australia. There was no time for sitting at my desk yesterday, I was far too busy enjoying my four children, who all spent most of the day with me for Mother’s Day.

We enjoyed lunch together, ate way too much food, followed by cakes and coffee. My mother-in-law was here as well and the four of us girls chatted away together at the dinner table long after the meal had ended, while the boys watched football matches on the television.

What more could a mother ask?

If really pushed, I could answer that question in an instant ~ if I could have seen my own mother at the table with us, chatting with us as she so loved to do, oh, how wonderful that would have been.

I know she was here, I just couldn’t see her. She visits me often, I know, and I do talk to her, I just don’t hear her replies.

That’s the way it is though, with mother’s and their children, the bond lasts forever, nothing can ever part them, and we rejoice in the new generations whilst holding the past generations still very close to our hearts.

With the time differences throughout the world it may still be Mother’s Day in your part of the world as you read this now, and if so, I wish you the happiest of days filled with the love of your children in your heart. And even if, like me, you are too busy with your babies and are reading my wishes after the actual day, the wishes still remain. Don’t you think that every day is a very special day in the world, when we are the mother of someone?

I know I do.

So, from my heart to yours, I wish you the happiest days forever and always, days filled with the love of with being a mum. xxxxxx

My mum and me. This tiny doll stands at only three inches tall and was saved by my mum for many years after I had finished playing with it.
My mum and me. This tiny doll stands at only three inches tall and was saved by my mum for many years after I had finished playing with it.

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2013.

  1. This is really beautiful, Joanne. I love that you feel your mother’s presence so much. It must be so sad when one’s mother passes. Even though we know she’s only a breath away, we still can’t hold her physically in our arms.


    1. Kathy, I smell her perfume too. She always wore a perfume called Tabu and I can get a waft of it from seemingly nowhere. It’s so comforting, knowing she’s around. 🙂


  2. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly, Joanne – being a mother is the icing on the cake of life. I love the picture at the bottom. Is that your mom? ❤


    1. Yes Stacy, that is me with my mother when I was one year old. She had made me a new dress and we had our photo taken together with me wearing it.

      “Being a mother is the icing on the cake of life”, I like that and agree wholeheartedly. 🙂


  3. This is a beautiful post, Joanne, and I love the picture of your mother and you, with your little doll beside it. I miss my mother, too. It’s so nice that you were able to get all your children together in one place on the same day! I can’t remember the last time that happened here! 🙂


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