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Allowing the Magic to Happen


“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ~ Lao Tzu.

???????????????????????????????The days have flowed naturally forward for me this past month, in fact they have flowed with so much ease that I am wondering where the last month has disappeared to. It’s not a complaint, but more of a learning process than anything. I’m actually having difficulty in finding the words here to describe how I feel.

???????????????????????????????Resistance is subsiding. I would love to be able to declare that resistance has disappeared from my life completely, but there are still occasions when I will bristle slightly, catch myself and tell myself all is well. I have learnt how to calm any adverse feelings very quickly.

???????????????????????????????I’ll be the first to admit that the recent anesthetic I had for a small hospital procedure has played its part. For two weeks I floated through each day with my feelings wrapped in cotton wool. Without the thought stresses of everyday living my household chores were completed with ease, a raised voice didn’t bring any feelings of tension, so my world just wafted along on the late winter breezes.

???????????????????????????????In realising that my anxieties over any given situation would neither make nor break the outcome I could see the benefit in letting go, giving up resistance, staying calm, letting what will be ~ be. I would even go as far as saying that my calmness may have even neutralised situations where other family members were involved.

???????????????????????????????During my time of still being under the peaceful spell of an anesthetic I made the choice to continue this gentle life after the chemical cushioning had left me, to allow the magic of life to just happen.

???????????????????????????????Situations are what they are, people do not change unless they choose to do so themselves, the world continues to spin, night becomes day and day becomes night again. The sun continues to rise, the tides ebb and flow. Birds build their nests and look out for juicy worms to catch. A baby is born, someone loses a loved one. And these events will continue, day after day, whether I am stressing, or not.

???????????????????????????????This must be why there are people who become hooked on drugs or alcohol, I contemplate. When the cushioning is felt, it’s a feeling you want to have stay around forever. How sad it is though, when the addicts don’t realise that chemical substances will wear off, needing to be replaced time and time again. I wish for those people that they eventually can find the magic within themselves, without the chemicals.

???????????????????????????????Life experience has brought me to the place where I’m now at. The difficulties of life are our greatest teachers. If you have read my last two posts, you will know what I’m talking about, how resistance can take us to an unhappy place. Talking, honestly, the kind of talk in which we wear our heart on our sleeve to our loved ones is a great remedy.

???????????????????????????????Imaging the worst case scenario, which I did before my bliss-giving anesthetic, only to learn that there was nothing wrong with me in the first place was a real eye opener for me. Worry didn’t change the reality of the situation, but worry may, and probably would have, caused a major health issue. Who needs that?

???????????????????????????????We will always experience human feelings so long as we are alive. Joy, pain, happiness, sadness, we want to feel emotions, but what is worry, is it even a real emotion? I know it can be destructive, so I am working towards banishing it from my life completely. I hope you can do the same. Show worry, resistance and stress out the door; flow with the tides of life, accept and enjoy what is.

???????????????????????????????These beautiful kookaburras who came to my garden when we were digging around in the earth, waiting patiently for a worm or some other grub to show itself for them to swoop down and enjoy for their dinner don’t seem to have a care in the world. We have so much to learn from animals and birds. They stay calm, remain patient, don’t complain about the sun or the rain, cold or heat, and they don’t hold any grudges against that dratted bird next to them who catches the worm before they do!

???????????????????????????????We have the choice, we can choose to put our busy minds into neutral and allow the magic to happen. It takes practise, but it can be done. How cool is that? 🙂


12 thoughts on “Allowing the Magic to Happen

  1. This is why I say in my blips sometimes Joanne – I learnt so much from my pet Fox – when I was 12 years old – I had him for 2 years from a baby; farm life is very different, and we learn so much from animals – many animals and birds we, ourselves had as pets..Foxes are very different animals and many people don’t understand them – but we did – he taught us about trust, dependance, joy, patience, memory, to be wary, to think, to play, and in the end – the value of time itself, a little dog who grew up without a mother, but knew far more than we did – without having been taught.. Yes, birds and animals can teach us more than you realize at times don’t they..


    1. I love reading the stories of your pet fox. He must have had a massive impact on your life and I love it that he taught you so much. It makes me wonder at times why humans are regarded as superior to animals, I believe we should be regarded as equal beings. Animals and birds may not have the gift of using words, yet they communicate with us in so many other ways. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words Estelle. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Carol. I wish you peace also. Actually, I thought of you as I wrote this, as I do often, sending thoughts of peace to you and your husband. xxx


    1. You are right Sybil, I do know it, that is why I wanted to share these thoughts with my friends, in the hope that perhaps it may bring some peace to the lives of others too.

      Peace to you also, my friend. 🙂


  2. How wonderful it would be to be able to throw all worries to the wind! You are right, it does absolutely no good, but I think in some cases it is nearly impossible to get rid of. As mothers, won’t we always worry for our children that they are making good choices, worry that we taught them the way to make those good choices, or learn from the bad ones?
    When it comes to me personally, I think it is a bit easier to think this way. I can’t worry too much about my path in life because worry changes nothing. Actions do. I try to remember that.
    Thanks for sharing the photos of the kookaburras, they are lovely. 🙂


  3. To answer your last question, Joanne – that is very cool. Remember how recently I told you we must be riding the same wavelength? How your thoughts are the very thoughts that I have been pondering in this hemisphere? Well, you’ve done it again. I have had major changes in my life in the last year, resisting them every step of the way. But I had this same epiphany just two weeks ago – just live life as it happens. It’s a tough lesson (and I’m a slow learner!), but it can be learned. I’m proof of that. 🙂


  4. Yes, very cool. It’s so true, we learn so much from animals and birds. They seem to know how to stay in the moment and live each moment fully. Maybe that’s why I watch nature programs more frequently when I find myself resisting and wishing for things to be other than the way they are… Love the pictures of the wise and friendly-looking kookaburra!


  5. We can learn so much just by watching nature. I’m trying to let go of resistance and worry, too. It doesn’t seem productive or joyful or life enhancing in any way, so… why worry? 🙂


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