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A Manifesto.

Manifesto for a simple life


The definition of a manifesto is “a public declaration of intentions”…..

I found this manifesto just a few days ago, and these words, along with so many others I have been reading lately, jumped off the page at me.

This is my own personal manifesto for 2015. I won’t be over thinking the possibilities, the words were discovered for me, and when you know withing your heart and soul that something is right, no questions need be asked, no debate entered into ~ so here they are.

Due to “eating less”, I have not eaten anything since breakfast time, and my stomach is growling, so I will now “move more” to the kitchen, for a quick snack, after which I will continue moving, you know, chores to be done….but I have been giving my word for this year a huge amount of feeling, and will share thoughts and words that have led me to the choice soon…..

Have you ever chosen a manifesto?


12 thoughts on “A Manifesto.

  1. Lately for me, my thoughts center around living in the here and now, to stop regretting the past and to stop being anxious about the future. I guess it could be called a manifesto: It is what it is…


  2. How is your manifesto going now that it’s March? Does it still continue to inspire you, or have you moved on to new manifestos? I am always being inspired by something new. A manifesto in this life usually lasts for a day. Ha ha. I have often admired people who grab hold of a manifesto or phrase or inspiration and keep it for a year or lifetime.


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