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Saturday, in Coolangatta, on the corner….

….waiting for the traffic lights to change.

On the corner of MacLean Street and Marine Parade.
On the corner of MacLean Street and Marine Parade.

Wouldn’t you know it, when my eldest son asked me if I could drop him off in Coolangatta today, to attend a mates wedding (he’s very responsible, you know, planning to drink the odd one or two, so will catch a cab home) I forgot to take my camera! All of the beautiful scenery, the beaches, the people, just begging to have their photo taken, and I forget my camera. Geez!

Heading home, I stopped at the traffic lights of a busy intersection, and with a clear road all around, and lights on red, I grabbed my iPhone and took a quick photo looking towards Coolangatta beach, which actually turned out rather well, I thought.

I would have put my photo on the blipfoto website, but the site is down, and “blippers” from far and wide are discussing what could have possibly happened. In the absence of any news from the hierarchy, the simple fact of the matter is that we don’t know what’s amiss, so I’m adding my photo for today here instead.

The advantage of having a blog site is that I can add as many photos for today as I desire, so I have played around with Picasa, coming up with four different variations of my photo.

The first photo, above, is the original, and the photo I would have chosen for blip today.

A sepia corner.
A sepia corner.

The sepia effect turns my original into rather a different scene. Not such an inviting beach scene as the original though, as the narrow horizontal view of the ocean is lost, without the definition of colour.

The mono corner.
The mono corner.

I quite like the corner in black and white. The definition lacking in sepia returns in mono.

A pencil sketched corner.
A pencil sketched corner.

And finally, just for fun, I used the Pencil Sketch effect. Does anyone remember the painting books of years ago, which simply required a coating of water to make a slight hint of colour appear? (Are they still around?) I thought the pencil sketch photo looked like a page in one of those books from my childhood, which I enjoyed so much. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Saturday, in Coolangatta, on the corner….

    1. It certainly is, Carol! I thought of you as I wrote this post, knowing that you have been playing with different effects on photos too. 🙂


    1. I’m sure the rain won’t last for long in Melbourne, as I’ve heard that you can enjoy all four seasons in the city in one day, Julie!

      Blipfoto is a website where people are invited to add one photo each day, with or without commentary, but the photo must be taken on the day it is added in your journal. The site encourages those who are interested in photography to take at least one photo every day. The unexpected side of the site, (I’ve been “blipping” for over three years now) is the number of friendly people who are also there, adding a photo each day, offering advice and encouragement, and even meeting up with each other after forming an online friendship. It’s a really great site to belong to. 🙂

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