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Saturday Morning Photo-shoot

Being Saturday, I was able to have a bit of a sleep-in this morning. Not for long though. An hour after the usual time I get up, I heard kookaburras cackling outside my bedroom.

It was a beautiful sound to wake up to. And when I looked outside I saw two kookaburras looking at me expectantly. I wasn’t thinking about feeding them though, I made a bee-line for my camera!

The light of the morning was perfect for a photo session. The sky was blue, and the morning light crystal clear.

And I had not two, but three supermodels, posing, ready to begin their photo-shoot. Will you look at those synchronized poses!

As I clicked away, I noticed the view behind my clothesline. Okay, so the clothesline is arguably not the most glamorous prop for three such stunning models, but look at the view behind them! Unfortunately, I am just a tad short to get a decent shot of the mountain without the lines across it, but that was easily fixed.

I dragged an outdoor chair across to the right position, climbed up, and there you have it – supermodel kookaburra in front of an amazing backdrop! Mount Warning, palm trees, clear blue sky, who could ask for more?

After waiting so long for the photographer to finish getting just the right shots, the supermodels were all famished! Some of their friends had arrived by that time too, so they all went off to the feeding table for breakfast. Oh, and I almost forgot! Here’s the mountain, looking gloriously spring-like, early on a fine Saturday morning. 🙂