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Storm Warning on Hallowe’en

Today I am getting in early with my post. There’s a storm warning in my area, with strong winds, hail, and possible power outages. The valley, as the picture shows, is cloudy and hazy. There’s also a strong, warm, notherly wind blowing, so we have the front of the house closed to the heat.

Meanwhile, it’s Hallowe’en! I’m not sure if Covid will have any affect on the number or trick-or-treaters about, but I have bags of individually wrapped chocolate treats prepared.

In years gone by when my children were living at home, they used to get into the spirit of the day. I wrote a post in 2014, showing Emma having her makeup done by Hayley. Here’s one photo, and more photos can be found in the post, Lady of the Dead.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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An Out-and-About Day

For a while now, husband has been trying to convince me to go to a local kitchen installation showroom to find some inspirational ideas for our kitchen renovation. What with uni, I have constantly resisted, but now we are actually getting into the reno, I made an appointment for 11am today.

As soon as my daughters heard I planned to go out, they organised me to have morning tea with them first! So we met at a lovely little coffee shop beside the Tweed River in Tweed Heads.

Little Aurora just loves her special “coffee” – a babycino – so seeing her so excited when her cup arrived, I just had to take a few photos.

For a two-year-old, she manages a “big girl’s cup” very well. (I think she’s had a lot of practice!)

And she didn’t plan on leaving one tiny bit in her cup! Her face looked very chocolatey by the time she had finished. 🙂

I had limited time though, so had to have a quick cuddle with both Aurora and Eli before I left. Aurora wanted to play her new favourite song for me, which is from a movie I haven’t seen yet.

And I had a big cuddle with handsome little Eli before I had to leave too. 🙂

When I arrived back at my car, I could see three pelicans in the distance, so had to take a quick photo of them before I left.

It was really worth the trip to the kitchen showroom. Everything I have on my wish-list was there – the doors and door-knobs I like, tiles, taps, cupboard fittings … we were so impressed that we have a rep coming to our house tomorrow to quote on a complete new kitchen. That will save a lot of time and effort for husband who has a million-and-one other projects to work on anyway.

The down side is that they are booked up until February next year, but we can still install the new range so we can use it over Christmas. It’s a free-standing cooker, so the new kitchen can be fitted around it.

In Mount Warning news, the valley is a tad hazy this afternoon, but we haven’t had a storm today for a change. It’s awfully humid though, so there’s probably rain about.

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The storms continue

The sky, valley, ranges and Mount Warning were all clear this morning for the first time in days. Just a small river of mist ran along the base of the ranges, and a couple of patches of mist danced across the sugar cane fields.

The sun shone brightly for such an early hour too. These photos were taken at 6:30 am daylight savings time.

I could also see the sugar mill steaming away at full speed in the valley, while on the roof, Father Magpie awaited breakfast.

So much for the bright and sunny start to the day though. By early afternoon the valley had turned black and distant thunder had a couple of the animals inside the house seeking comfort. Within minutes though, most of the black clouds had moved away, leaving a trail of strange, low white clouds behind.

We had barely enough rain to wet the ground here, but from nearby towns we heard reports of massive hail stones falling.

So once again, the day ends with Mount Warning in hiding.

It seems we should prepare for another long, subtropical, stormy summer ahead.

Australia · clouds · kitchen renovation · Mount Warning · rain · spring · subtropical weather · Tweed Valley

Mountain in Hiding

We have had yet another storm this afternoon, constant rain, and no sign of the mountain.

This afternoon I stood on my back veranda and took a couple of very uninspiring photos, basically to mark the day as being a bit of a dud, weather wise. I know the garden is lapping up every luscious raindrop though, after being parched for the last few weeks. We are coming into our rainy season, so I suppose I will have to get used to the idea of more rain over the coming months. This time last year we were in the midst of a drought, so this year is a definite improvement. I can cope with the occasional grey photo day – rain is precious.

Today I emptied out some kitchen cupboards, and when husband arrived home we began dismantling the kitchen. It’s the original kitchen from when we built the house in 1994, so it has served us well. Now though, it’s time for a change.

Here is a before photo –

I forgot to take a photo before I emptied the cupboards, but never mind. I have plenty of photos taken in the kitchen over the years to look back on.

After husband removed a few cupboards, this is what we have now –

I can still cook meals on the cooktop, but hopefully – maybe – fingers crossed – I’ll have my new range installed by next week. I think the next job is to repair and paint the wall where the cupboards were removed. I’ll add more photos as the work progresses. 🙂