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Another day of visitors

Regular readers of my blog will be familiar with my lovely kookaburra visitors, but today, this particular kookaburra was joined by a very unlikely companion – a Currawong. It could be my imagination (although I don’t think it is) but the kookaburra does not look very impressed to be sharing its breakfast table. And the currawong, usually very shy birds who wait in the background to clean up any tiny droppings of food after the other birds have left, looks very – let me think – Entitled? Dominant? Demanding?

There’s nothing unusual about my next photo. Brontë always uses Forrest as a cushion when they spend time lying around outside.

I spent a while out in the garden this morning, working on an area that needs a fair amount of attention. I need husband’s help with this particular garden though. My son-in-law used wooden sleepers to build the garden edges about ten years ago, and now the wood is starting to rot and needs replacing. There’s a low retaining wall that needs replacing as well, so we are working on getting the job done before summer.

Around midday, my first “people” visitors arrived – my daughter, and baby Eli. I got a few adorable little smiles from six-week-old Eli today, and my goodness he is growing fast! His little neck is so strong and he moves his head around this way and that, seeming to want to take in everything around him.

Just before my daughter headed home, my eldest son arrived. His wife is away in Sydney for a few days, so Ben visited for dinner. I think I’m appreciating my visitors more than ever before, now the Covid restrictions are easing.

And once again, a very enjoyable day ended with a beautifully tinted sky. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Another day of visitors

  1. That is a beautifully tinted sky! Wow!
    Perhaps the currawong was having a moment of insight, “Why should I wait in the background? I have just as much right to eat first as the next bird! So there!” 🙂
    That’s lovely you had a chance to enjoy so many visitors in one day.


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