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Not enough time in the days!

It’s getting to the pointy end of the semester and I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed with all I have to do over the next three weeks. On the positive side, it’s getting close to the end of semester!

I always feel excited when each new semester begins, and I love the work, and the whole learning experience. It’s just these last few weeks that get a bit hairy, what with deadlines to meet yet not enough hours in the day to get through it all.

So today I have spent all day at my computer again, shivering, would you believe? The cooler weather returned last night and I’m snuggled up in winter clothes again today. I’m glad I ventured outside fairly early in the day to take a photo of Mount Warning, because this afternoon it was hidden behind mist and clouds.

I didn’t spend much time out of doors, but I did stay out long enough for a quick photo of these very sunny gazanias. And now I’m going back to listen to more lectures. šŸ™‚


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