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Storm Warning

We had word this morning to expect a substantial storm this afternoon. Just after lunch time, the thunder and clouds rolled in. I closed all the windows and doors, and waited.

Nothing happened. Not here at least, although we heard later that two nearby villages had a hail storm. But here, not even a single drop of rain. The storm was a fizzer.

Two hours later, this was our sunset sky.

2 thoughts on “Storm Warning

  1. It is interesting how summer storms can be so isolated. This summer I was at a neighbors and could hear what sounded like rain, but only a couple drops fell. I went 1/4 mile to home and discovered we’d had a deluge!


  2. Love the contrasting clouds in the first picture. It’s amazing how focused some storms can be, dropping the worst downpours and hail in one small area and missing the community right next door. Frequently in North Carolina it will be raining out one window and the sun will be shining on the other side of the house. At least that is what Tim’s brother and our daughter, who both live there, have reported. Weather is so difficult to predict with any precision!


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