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Thursday Sunset

I tried out the camera on my iPhone again tonight, this time taking a photo of a pretty orange sunset sky. The phone will never replace my actual cameras – I have two Canons – but it’s good to get some practice in with the iPhone for those times when a camera isn’t handy.

Yesterday my granddaughter spent the day with me, and my daughter suggested that for something different, she might like to play with my mother’s old jewellery. Aurora loves beaded jewellery, as did her great-grandmother. I have had the jewellery hoarded away for the past 27 years in a box, collecting dust in the top of my wardrobe, so it made sense to get the jewellery out for Aurora.

She had the best time with the jewellery! Not content with just one string of beads, Aurora wanted to wear all of it, so of course I had to take a photo. 🙂