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Warmer Days Return

After a few days of spring-like weather, the warmer weather returned today. The chores we needed to get done were mostly inside the house – thankfully – where the ceiling fans kept us cool.

I’m glad every week is not as busy as the past week has been. Between one thing and the other I have hardly had a moment to spare, which has kept me from visiting my blogging friends. I keep thinking about you all, hoping you are well, wondering what you have been up to. I know tomorrow will be another busy day, but on Monday I will be couped up in my office all day …

Adult Honeyeater.

… couped up with my computer, that is, so I plan on having a blog visiting day then.

So why will I be couped up in my office? I’m glad you asked …

We are (finally) having the floor coverings replaced in the main living area and hallways of our house, so I will need to make myself scarce so as not to get in the way of the workers. This week preparations began, including emptying cupboards ready to be moved, and removing tired old skirting boards that we have decided to replace.

Also this week I minded little Aurora for two days, and have had two extra dogs here for four nights while my daughter and family took a few day’s holiday. Tomorrow I will have four-year-old Braxton here for half a day as well. It’s little wonder I nodded off at the computer the other night while posting my daily photo of Mount Warning – I’m feeling tired just writing about the week that was. 😉

The frangipani tree in full bloom.

Between the heat, the mess, and plain old tiredness, we had takeaway pizza for dinner tonight, which was very nice for a change. 🙂