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Mist, rain, and no view of the mountain

We were spoilt over the weekend – yesterday at least – with a lovely, sunny, not-too-hot summer’s day.

Today we have rain.

All that is visible where Mount Warning should be is next door’s bamboo (who plants bamboo these days … ??) which grows at a rate of about one metre per week, (!!**!!) and I have been assured will be trimmed  – “soon”.

I found a wet little Hoppy (of gammy foot fame) huddled on the veranda late this afternoon, along with a friend.

They seem to like sheltering on my veranda. I’ve also noticed they spend time on rainy days sheltering in our bar-be-que area. Yesterday, I had to give the area a good hosing, as they had left some “evidence” of their visits!

Next week – on the 26th – it’s Australia Day, and the Australian flavoured posts are beginning to do the rounds of the internet. I thought I’d add one today (author unknown) and ask the question –

Without Google searching, how many of these words or phrases have you heard, or now the meaning of? đŸ˜‰