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Mist, rain, and no view of the mountain

We were spoilt over the weekend – yesterday at least – with a lovely, sunny, not-too-hot summer’s day.

Today we have rain.

All that is visible where Mount Warning should be is next door’s bamboo (who plants bamboo these days … ??) which grows at a rate of about one metre per week, (!!**!!) and I have been assured will be trimmedΒ  – “soon”.

I found a wet little Hoppy (of gammy foot fame) huddled on the veranda late this afternoon, along with a friend.

They seem to like sheltering on my veranda. I’ve also noticed they spend time on rainy days sheltering in our bar-be-que area. Yesterday, I had to give the area a good hosing, as they had left some “evidence” of their visits!

Next week – on the 26th – it’s Australia Day, and the Australian flavoured posts are beginning to do the rounds of the internet. I thought I’d add one today (author unknown) and ask the question –

Without Google searching, how many of these words or phrases have you heard, or now the meaning of? πŸ˜‰

25 thoughts on “Mist, rain, and no view of the mountain

      1. You know, I don’t think I’ve seen a movie about Australia since the Crocodile Dundee ones. But, Tim & I recently enjoyed an Australian TV series, Offspring, on Netflix. Does “hit the sack” mean go to bed? (It does here. Not sure if it originated in Australia but we used that phrase a lot way back in the 1970s.)

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    1. Just a bit of trivia, did you know Bindi Irwin is to be a mother soon?
      There’s one thing Paul Hogan used to say on an American TV commercial had plenty of Aussies up in arms – we do not put shrimps on the barbie! πŸ˜‰


          1. Ah, I see, it’s a common lexicon difference. Americans don’t use the word ‘prawn’ as much as ‘shrimp,’ which could indicate any size small to large. “Shrimps on the barbie” would be assumed to be at least 3″ long. I love the differences in the English language!


        1. Isn’t it funny that we sometimes associate certain foods with the wrong country? For years, I believed pavlova (a merangue and fruit dessert) originated in Australia, but apparently it’s a New Zealand creation!


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