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Cloudy Thursday

Last night, the clouds rolled back in and the rain started pouring down from the heavens again.

For the past few days, while I’ve been catching up on a thousand things (offline) I have been contemplating changes I’d like to make to my blog (online). I must have ‘written’ a thousand posts in my mind during recent days as well, whose words have never quite made it to the page.

Maybe tomorrow I can devote some time to sitting down at my computer for a change, and writing.

Both of my daughters visited today with their children, so I had a lovely ‘family’ day, but now it’s late, I’m tired, and I’m heading off to bed.

8 thoughts on “Cloudy Thursday

    1. I spent some time writing today (Friday) and will continue as inspiration hits. I believe you are right, a small break helps us to organise our thought process. šŸ™‚


    1. It’s difficult to define sometimes where the mountains end and the sky begins, Barbara.
      With the vaccine rolling out in the States, hopefully those little feet will pitter-patter to you soon. I really, really hope so. ā¤


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