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Hattons Bluff ~ A Landmark of the Tweed Valley

There were a couple of showers of rain early this morning, so when I awoke at around 6:30 am, a few flimsy pockets of mist had formed in the valley.

My husband noticed mist surrounding Hattons Bluff, and suggested I take a photo. I had been complaining to husband that with all the rain we’ve had lately, I haven’t had a clear view of Huttons Bluff in ages. This morning, however, the mist circling the landmark accentuated its position next to Mount Warning.

Being interested in local history and family history, I had hoped that my husband would know something of the history of Hattons Bluff. Some time ago, I asked him what he knew about the area … “it’s next to Mount Warning” he told me. That was the extent of his knowledge! Being born and raised in this area, I had hoped he would know more, such as who the bluff was named after. Apparently not.

Now I have raised his curiosity, husband is curious about Hattons Bluff’s geographical position, so today, when business took him to the small town of Bray Park just outside of Murwillumbah, he took a closer photo of Hattons Bluff on his phone and sent it to me.

To the right of Hattons Bluff, Mount Warning can be seen peeking over the tops of the trees.

As for the history of Hattons Bluff, I have been doing some investigating, and have learned some information which I find intriguing! I will share my findings tomorrow. 🙂