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Finding new growth in a windblown garden.

Today the temperature is suppose to have reached 26 degrees C. but I don’t think it quite reached that high. Today has felt like autumn is in the air, warmish, but with just a touch of cool air about. And rain. We had a few showers during the day, and during the last day we have had three-and-a-half-inches of rain, according to husband’s rain guage.

Our frangipani trees are losing their leaves early this year. Constant blustery winds and a cooler than usual summer has stripped many flowers off plants and leaves from trees. I noticed a couple of pretty new blooms around the garden today though.

Indoors, more progress is being made on the kitchen renovation. The tilers are here tonight, having double-booked and arriving late in the day. They asked if we minded them staying, and in the interests of having our kitchen finished, of course we agreed they could. Husband has gone out to find some sort of takeaway food for dinner tonight. I’ve been locked away in my office for most of the day, trying to listen to this week’s uni lectures, but not getting far. The benchtop men were here this morning too, finishing of their part of the klitchen.

Have I mentioned I’m looking forward to having my kitchen back?


One thought on “Finding new growth in a windblown garden.

  1. Do you usually get that much rain or is it just this year? Also, what is the beautiful red tree in your valley view?
    I imagine you are itching to have home life return to ‘normal.’ It’ll be wonderful!


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